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Jun 15, 2008 02:22 PM

Need Help w/ Seafood Restaurant for In-Laws

Hey Hounds,

I have the in laws coming in to town in a couple of weeks and they have said that they want a 1. good seafood restaurant 2. that serves lobster 3. with a view. Oh, and 4. they want to be spending about $50 a person. Anyone know of a place that would fit the bill? I really want to make a good impression on them. I am willing to go anywhere in the Bay area. Thanks hounds.

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  1. Hhhhmm...if you take away the view requirement, I would go to Yabbies Coastal Kitchen on Polk street. The food is very good, they serve lobster and you can make it out under $50 per person for a 3 course meal.

    I recently went to Aqua - the iconic seafood restaurant - and the food was very memorable, but there's no view and won't get out for under $90 per person.


    1. I have a little bit of a hard time believing this is true/good, but Epic Roasthouse lists its 1/2 Maine lobster for $18. At that price you could probably get out of ther restaurant for $50 if you also ordered a drink, an appetizer, a dessert, but not all three. It would definitely fill all the requirements, I've just never heard of anyone eating at Epic for $50. Has anyone tried the lobster?

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        I've been to Epic and the food was good/not memorable but you definitely pay the "Embarcadero premium." I was there at night and there was no view to be had.


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          If anyone did eat there ... I'm curious which half ... claws?

          Anyway, recently someone asked about whole lobsters and McCormick & Kuleto's was mentioned. If their website can be believed the price for shellfish is 'from 19.90. Here's the pdf format

          Given the view, it might fill all four requirements ... even #1 ... technically is good .. just not as good as other places in the city

          1. re: rworange

            It's unlikely the 1.5-lb. lobster is at the bottom of the "from $19" range for that section of the menu, but McCormick & Kuleto's food is decent, and the prices are more reasonable than Scoma's.

        2. I certainly don't know every restaurant in town, however, from what I do know, it is hard to think you are looking for something that exists... any two of the 4 criteria are easy to meet, it may even be possible to hit 3/4, but all four together is a tall order. The first two places I thought of were Pesce in Russian Hill and Crusteacean in Nob Hill. Pesce is small plates only and doesn't really have a view other than people-watching -- also no lobster. Crusteacean I've never been to and have heard mixed (but mostly positive) things about. It has lobster on the menu but it is listed as market price... also no view.

          1. Well, thinking out of the box, how about some place in Sasaulito? It would satisfy the view and the lobster requirement. Don't know about prices. Also Hong Kong East Ocean in Emeryville has a great view and lobster on the menu. Prices are seasonal.

            1. With the price limits, concessions may have to be made. Old Port Lobster Shack North Beach. No view but sometimes good reviews, lobster and under $50. 3 out of 4 ain't bad.
              Added plus a nice neighborhood for a walk. This is assuming it is still there.
              OPLS 532 Green St.

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              1. re: wolfe

                For my money, Woodhouse Fish Company is the best lobster roll in town--fresh tasting, large chunks of lobster claws, lightly dressed, with just a little crunch from the celery and so on. Old Port Lobster Shack is good, and much better for wandering and shopping before and after your meal, but WFC gives you more lobster per roll and just tastes better overall.

                However, ditto on what Eunonymous says below about SF not being a lobster town.