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Jun 15, 2008 02:16 PM


for all you hounds out there, where do you go when you want to sit at the bar and have a good bite to eat? sometimes, i make last minute plans with a friend and have a hard time snagging a reservation. maybe i'm dining solo. or i have plans to stay out late and can't risk going into a food coma. sometimes i'm just craving dessert and wouldn't mind a nice glass of wine to accompany it. i'm open to all your suggestions...please tell me what you order!

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  1. Jar
    Hungry Cat - raw, pug burger, many yummy choices
    Cut - the brussel sprouts
    Spago - agnolotti
    Campanile - fish dishes, grlled cheese Thursdays
    Mozza - squash blossoms
    Tasca- geat for our glass of wine
    Beechwood - love the salads
    Nook Bistro - great comfort food options
    25 degrees if burgers are in the cards

    1. The Village Idiot on Melrose..... great bar eats and awesome beer on tap.

      1. palomino in westwood has a great late nite happy hour menu

        1. I LOVE the bar menu at Lucques! If you go after 9:30 on weekdays and 10 on weekends, they also offer steak frites, spaghetti carbonara, an herb and cheese omelette, and an utterly delicious grilled cheese sandwich--all of which are MUCH cheaper than the items on the regular menu ($11-$16 compared to the high 20s and beyond). They also currently have a delicious seasonal cocktail called Celerity which has vodka and fresh nectarine puree! I could go there all the time!