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Jun 15, 2008 01:53 PM

Harry's Bar in Cernobbio?

Is this the same as the Harry's Bar in Venice? Anybody been there?

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  1. Was there on my last trip to Italy and it is not the same as the Harry's Bar in Venice. There's also a Harry's Bar in Florence, no relation either, pricey place but we usually dine there once during each trip.

    We had a great lunch in Cernobbio - I had carpaccio and a pasta - sat outside, great service, nice people. I've since heard that George Clooney is a customer but I'm sure he patronizes a lot of places in the area.

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    1. re: Christine Vallejo

      Thanks. My friends wo love it also say that GC goes there. Was it easy to get a table?

      1. re: kelsbeth

        We were there in March and had no problem getting a table. Nice, mild weather and a view of the lake. We walked over to Villa d'Este afterwards and asked if we could come in and tour the grounds. No, not unless we were staying there. I asked if we could come in and have lunch. Sure, no problem!

        I'll have to remember that next time we're in the area.

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          My fiancee and I are actually staying in Cernobbio on our honeymoon next month. Never been before - how easy is it to find Harry's? Sounds like Cernobbio is a good home base for a Como visit, based on posts from other Chowhounders - is that so?

    2. Hi as the other posts say Harrys Bar in Cernobbio is not the same as the one in Venice. I live up the road in Cernobbio and I have to say I have never eaten well there. Scaloppine Milanese tiny, chewy and over cooked. Sole looked like one of the tiny lake perches, again over cooked. Prices are also high. Some locals do go there but to be seen rather than to eat well. Still, it is a great location and somebody could turn it into a fab restaurant. The 'glicine' that is above cernobbio in Piazza Santo Stefano is many times better. Hope this helps.

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        joubere - if you live up the road, what are your favorite local haunts??? please share...