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Jun 15, 2008 01:22 PM

4 Nights in San Fran!!!!Help!!

Hello and thanks!!Chowhounds have come through for me in Washington DC, And Los Angeles!Highlights were Restauarnt Eve in DC and Bastide in LA
We are staying at Mandarin Oriental..We love restauarnts that have great food, wonderful ambiance and are special for the area..On my short list are Quince,Gary Danko,A16, Zuna and Chez Panisse..We like all foods..loe tasting menus and do not drink..Would like a reccommendation of a place with fabulous view/romatic??
Thanks in advance..we are very open to suggestions!

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    1. Your short list is good. Of the five, I'd drop Gary Danko as I think it's not as distinctive to the area as the others. Quince is romantic (no view though - in general, good food and great view seem to be mutually exclusive in the Bay Area). In general, people have had the best experiences ordering apps and pastas only - entrees seem to be hit or miss. Keep A16 (although you could also consider Incanto), Zuni, and Chez Panisse. Note that all three are on the casual side, but I think that's a big part of what makes them quintessentially Bay Area. Have a great trip!