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Jun 15, 2008 01:19 PM

Duck Soup in New Hope

If you have not tried Duck Soup at the Logan Square Shopping Center outside of New Hope, I would highly recommend it. The owner serves breakfast and lunch, all homemade, all fresh, and Friday dinners (call first). We've been going for years, and have watched her daughters grow up into beautiful young ladies as they both worked in the restaurant with their mom.

She's a wonderfull cook - been there for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I'd recommend all three.

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  1. I agree the food's good, but there's this annoying slow inefficiency that says "amateur good cook (as opposed to restaurant person)". I'm not saying don't go, just don't go when you're in a hurry.

    1. There really is a place in New Hope/Doylestown that I can sit down and order a decent breakfast? Oh my gosh! I'm going soon!

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        I would drive a bit further up the river and go to Miel's in Stockton. Fresh food.. interesting omlettes, sweet potato biscuits, ... definitely a good breakfast.

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          Been to Miel's also. Both are delicious. I love Miel's for dinner - meat loaf, turkey dinner, etc. But I'd recommend either - Duck Soup or Miel's - for breakfast. Karla (I think that's her name) at Duck Soup makes an omelet just like your mom would make, if your mom was a super duper cook. It's homey, relaxed and laid back. I know they are not 'professionals' but that's one of the things I like about Duck Soup.

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          You can also get a wonderful breakfast - on Saturday and Sunday only - at the Cafe at Rosemont, which is about 20 minutes from New Hope. They do lunch all week.


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            years ago, we used to go to a place in Rosemont to eat breakfast - it was run by two women and it was on the right hand side of the road as you were approaching from the south.

            I thought they closed though. I wonder if this is the same place - parking behind the restaurant? You could enter through a door from the parking lot or walk to the front and come in that way. I wish I remembered more - but I do remember they had great food. I think they had some old fashioned wooden display cases?.... I wish I had a better memory actually.

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              This is almost surely the same place. I don't know the history of The Cafe but it fits your description. We usually go in the front door because (1) the hostess sees you immediately, and (2) you don't have to walk past the restrooms, which are at the back (!).

              The food is very good. They also serve dinner several nights a week but I've only been for brunch.

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                Thank you! Good to know. This is a great time of year for wandering up there some weekend and trying it out.