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Jun 15, 2008 01:09 PM

Old Saybrook Anniversary Dinner

Please suggest some dinner ideas for the area. Staying at Saybrook Point Inn. Their restaurant Terra Mar gets iffy reviews on Zagat. (Am I allowed to mention that word here?)

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  1. Just had dinner with some friends three weeks ago at Terra Mar and was pleasantly surprised by the service and food quality. My Block Island swordfish was prepared perfectly and was noticeably fresh. All of the seafood-based dishes we tried were quite good.

    If you prefer land-based preparations, I would strongly recommend Jack's Steakhouse on Main St a mile or so up the road from the Inn. The steak selection and quality (prime, aged 4 wks) are marvellous, and there's a great selection of non-steak entrees, too, unlike your typical steakhouse.

    And remember, use Zagat as a guide, not as the last word on a given restaurant (that's what CH is for).