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Jun 15, 2008 01:04 PM

Getting your Tomato On

Ok every once in a wile I get these cravings. Usually it’s for chocolate or random fruit or cool foods. Lately I’ve had cravings for tomatoes. I didn’t even know about the whole tomato crisis thing until that fateful day I walked into a Wawa searching for an Italian hoagie with tomatoes. Now generally I don’t eat Wawa sandwiches. I was desperate. I fuddled with that stupid touch screen and made the realization after 10 min of touch screen hell that they weren’t serving tomatoes. I cried a little inside as I settled for a cheese steak with peppers. For dinner I tried Pudges. I like Pudges they serve by far the best hoagies and cheese steaks in the area. Cry, there was a sign up announcing their shame…no tomatoes. I was beginning to wonder where had all the tomatoes gone. All day I had searched for one little tomato to quench my thirst and that one elusive tomato was not to be found. I felt like on of those croc type hunters on those god awlful nature shows. I was lost until I was found by the A&N. There I could view and even…gasp…eat tomatoes in their natural habitat in a rich bed of cheese, egg, and onion (ok I forgot the onion, but it would have been godly with the onion). The waitress looked a little perplexed when I walked in and promptly asked do you have tomatoes. I practically hugged her when she answered yes. I miss easy to find tomatoes and I think people and companies are being stupid for not serving them. I mean let’s get some facts out. Locally grown tomatoes, not going to kill you. Cherry tomatoes; grape tomatoes; tomatoes sold with the vine still attached; tomatoes grown at home seem to be safe. As of yet they think the contaminated tomatoes are coming from Mexico or possibly one of the few counties not cleared in Florida. That leaves a lot of safe tomatoes to choose from. In addition it only seems to be raw tomatoes that have cause problems.
I just want my tomatoes.

Here’s a list of sites with info:

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  1. The A and N diner is an out of the way jewel of a place, open 24/7. I went there with my other friend and got my favorite sandwich, a gyro, about a week ago. The coolest thing is that they serve their gyros with three piping hot pierogies and little containers of sour cream. I didn't realize quite how tired I was of french fries or chips as a side order until I bit into these beauties. I had a powerful craving for one of their creamy chocoate shakes and even though it was about two thirty am on a friday evening/saturday morning and they were in the middle of their bar rush, I sheepishly asked for the shake. Although they were busy, our waitress cheerfully made one for me. I would have understood if she had refused. She was so sweet about it that just like my friend John, I felt like hugging this very kind waitress too. Anyway, if you are that way, try the A and N. In winter for my late night snack I tend to get a grilled corn or whole wheat muffin and hot cocoa but John loves their breakfasts.