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Jun 15, 2008 12:53 PM

Las Vegas - which Italian in the Venetian?

I have one more night to fill in for our upcoming trip - want it to be Italian, and in the Venetian. So it's between Canaletto, Valentino and Zefferino. I do NOT want to go to a Mario restaurant. So of these 3 can you share your experiences?

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  1. I've had two good experiences at Zefferino.

    First was a dinner with my wife and inlaws. Had a custom appetizer platter suggested by the server. It had some of the best fresh mozzarella cheese, olives and calamari I can remember. Don't remember anything else about that meal other than it was all very enjoyable and a good choice for a "family" meal.

    Went back for lunch later in that trip with my wife and after some cajoling, we were able to convince them to give us an abbreviated version of that appetizer platter. Also had a fantastic sea bream entree that day. Split a great cannoli.

    I may go back some day. I think I prefer the creativity of both the "Mario" restys at the Venetian to Zefferino though.

    1. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but last wknd we went to B&B and everything was incredible. I know it is more expensive than the other places you mentioned, but I really think you would find that it is worth it.

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        It isn't the money...last trip we ate at Carnevino, and it was pretty good, some things we didn't like, some were very good...but I've heard the food at B&B is super salty, and has weird music, that's why I said no Mario places. Enoteca might be too casual for what we're looking for.

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          I agree with Mat and Susan - you may want to re-think B&B. Food was amazing and I don't remember hearing any weird music when I was there (I ate at the bar). Pasta tasing menu was to die-for and the service was incredilbe - great wine suggestions to pair with the pasta. I can't wait to go back.

      2. I've been to all three of those restaurants.

        Zeffirino served the best ravioli I've ever had, but the scallop appetizer was tiny, overpriced, gritty, and extremely disappointing. Service was excellent in the bar area.

        Since Valentino was so good, I went there twice in one week. The raw sliced beef was superb, as were the gnocchi with meat sauce. The roasted lamb chops were good--a very generous portion--but overcooked on the outside to the point where some portions were inedible. If I hadn't ordered the appetizer and lamb chops at the same time, they probably wouldn't have held the meat so long.

        BTW, prices at Zeffirino and Valentino are high, but worth paying if you order correctly.

        My memories of Canaletto are somewhat dimmed by the time elapsed since April 2004, but the setting was pleasant, prices were reasonable, and service was good.

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        1. re: Math Lover

          Well, my husband has now requested that he'd really like veal (we can't get it in our town, and I apologize if it's un-pc)...and none of those restaurants really have much of a veal selection (usually just one dish - I've looked at their menus). He doesn't care for the big veal chops, but rather scallopine...sorry to switch gears, and we'll go out of the P/V (that's where we are staying, I just figured since they had so many Italian restaurants so what) - any suggestions for probably "old school" Italian restaurants that have good veal?

          1. re: Eujeanie

            Everyone talks about Nora's Cuisine for Italian and I see they have 3 veal dishes (scallopini, marsala and parm). What say you people?

            1. re: Linda VH

              Overpriced and ordinary. YMMV.

              Call me crazy, but I still don't understand the logic of serving the pasta du jour with the all purpose tomato sauce as a side on a plate of chicken marsala. Is that an East coast thing?


        2. My 2 cents says stay away from B&B. I may be too harsh on the place (I work in NYC and go to Babbo about 6x a year) but it has a LONG way to go to live up to its billing as a Babbo outpost. Expensive, inconsistant and at times way too loud, it does have potential. However, at that price level, there are way too many other places to spend your money hoping to hit it on a good night.

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          1. re: LVI

            I find the polarizing nature of B&B to be very interesting. Everyone seems to have an opinion on it. I think that maybe only the folks who have strong opinions (either way) are the ones posting about B&B.

            1. re: climberdoc

              I appreciate all the suggestions, but we've decided to go back to one of our old favorites, Casa di Amore. I'm sure there are detractors, but we loved the cozy comfort, the good homey food, the singer, the limo ride. Just a very nice evening all around.

              I think it will balance nicely with Alex and The Palm. Our other night is just going to be super casual, depending on where we find ourselves at the time.