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Jun 15, 2008 12:35 PM

Moab review

In an attempt to save the hordes from the overpriced, mostly mediocre dining in Moab, here are my picks to see you through your trip...

Moab Brewery - consistently good food and beer at moderate prices; very popular - there are sometimes long waits, and service can be slow

Ekleticafe - Fresh, interesting breakfast and lunch options

Love Muffin Cafe - This is a relatively new option in town. Despite the terrible name, the food I've had is very tasty, as are the coffee drinks. Breakfast and lunch only.

Milt's - a tiny, mostly walk-up (there is seating for about 8 inside) burger shack using all natural meat (including buffalo) served up with hand-cut fries, shakes. On 400 East.

Fiesta Mexicana - expensive for a Mexican restaurant, but the food is consistently excellent, unlike Miguel's Baja Grill, which is sometimes hit, sometimes miss (and an expensive miss, too!). Don't even think about La Hacienda.

Diner food - Moab Diner is what you would expect. Nothing outrageously delicious, but a better value than almost anything else in town. It's the best place to walk in and buy ice cream on a hot day as well.

Fine dining - Center Cafe and Desert Bistro both get good reviews. I haven't eaten at Center Cafe in about 5 years, but was excellent then. I hope to try both again in the near future.

Places and food to avoid, if you live anywhere with decent eating options:
* Singha Thai - If you have spent the last three weeks eating nothing but burgers, and you will soon go catatonic if you don't get some variety, I suppose this place could hit the spot. But if you are used to good Thai, you will find the food uninspiring and somewhat bland. The only dish I have liked there is the Volcano Shrimp. They do have an interesting tea menu, but availability is spotty.

* Any pizza place. Sadly, none of the available options are that good.


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  1. I've had three very good meals at Desert Bistro. It's become my Moab "go-to".

    Recently dined at Center Cafe based on glowing recs from this site. We were disappointed with it on just about every level. Service was mediocre and distant from the beginning. Other than a really well-done olive and almond appetizer, the rest of the meal was just not memorable. I was doing my best not to apply "big city" standards to this place. I have trouble seeing myself going back but you never know.

    I've had some good breakfasts at Slickrock Cafe and the Jailhouse Cafe. The Sweetwater Skillet at Moab Diner is pretty darn good for a greasy spoon as well.

    Moab is not much of a dining destination. Good thing there are so many great nonculinary things to do there.