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Jun 15, 2008 12:27 PM

Solid dining (vegetarian-friendly, but meat OK too) on the East End of Long Island

I've lived in East Hampton for 20 years (grew up there), am now in NYC for the summer. Going home with a friend for the weekend to show him the place. I am generally not a huge fan of the sceney (Nick&Tonis, Pacific East [though I heard that closed]) restaurants. I like good, fresh food though, and assuming entrees are in the 15-25 range that's just fine.

My friend is vegetarian but I eat meat. I was thinking a few of my favorites from my research the last few years are:

Dockside in Sag
Matto in East Hampton
Nichol's in East Hampton (though this one is probably the least veg-friendly)

Other ideas/updates on these? Looking to show him a good dining time without ending up with a $250+ bill at Della Femina for four of us (mom+dad included).

Thanks folks!

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  1. Nichol's does have veg-friendly items on the menu. They have something for everyone on the menu from a burger to lobster.

    Have enjoyed my meal both times I ate at Matto.

    Have not been to Dockside in a while. They don't accept reservations and it can be up to an hour wait for a table outside.

    What about Bostwick's? 39 Gann Road at Harbor Marina

    1. We took our vegan friend to World Pie and she was very happy with her pasta dish, and amazed at how big the salad was.

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        I also enjoy World Pie in Bridgehampton. I usually get salad, pizza and a nice glass of wine.