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Swiss Chalet Chicken

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My love for pastrami is only matched by my passion for rotisserie bbq'd chicken accompanied by a hot tangy brown sauce. I know that are other Canadians in New York who must miss Swiss Chalet or Cote St. Luc BBQ as much as I do. While pastrami has quelled my cravings for smoked meat, there is nothing which I have found in the New York city area that comes close to Canadian style BBQ chicken. Has anyone found something similar in this great city?

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  1. Hey Mitch. L'Express (24 hr French bistro on Park at 20th) makes a really good rotisserie chicken, although they don't have the brown sauce like you can get at places in Canada. Every time I'm home I go to either Swiss Chalet or St. Hubert. Also, when I go home I like to bring back a few packages of either Swiss Chalet sauce or St. Hubert sauce that I can use at home with my L'Express rotisserie chicken. I'll be watching this thread closely to see if anyone has a good spot in NYC for this stuff.

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      Thank you my fellow Canadian. What you have done is very creative although I have found that the packaged sauces just don't measure up to the freshly brewed varieties. I have written to Swiss Chalet suggesting that they open a restaurant in the Metro NYC area. I would encourage any other Canadians living here craving this uniquely Canadian delicacy to do the same. If enough voices speak, they might actually do it!

    2. If I am not mistaken, Dallas Jones BBQ started as Swiss Chalet. It doesn't have the "dry, taut" skin that St Hubert has, but the price is right. Could bring back memories.