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Jun 15, 2008 11:26 AM

Recommendations for a fun place to watch the Eurocup in Charleston

We'll be in Folly Beach/Charleston for the week of the 23rd and are looking for a place with fun food and/or drink which will be showing the Eurocup soccer tournament. We'd appreciate any and all recommendations.

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  1. I've heard the pub at Blackbaud stadium is a great place to catch a match


      It's in North Charleston. City Paper's dining guide says its the best Irish Pub around, I don't know how much we have in the way of authentic Irish pubs, but their website says they're showing the tournament and I bet there will be lots of soccer fans there.

      Hope this helps!

      - DH

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        Thanks, ya'll - do you think there's anyplace closer to Folly or at least in downtown?

        1. re: suse

          My BF works for a German company, and speaking from experience on trying to find soccer on tv in this area for out-of-town Germans, I can tell you it is hit or miss. Madra Rua in NC can usually be counted on, and unfortunately most times they are the only one...they also have good food and beer. As for places closer to you, I would be surprised in anyone on Folly had it. The best thing I can tell you to do is to look at ads at that week's City Paper, and call bars downtown that might be of interest to you.

          1. re: lizzy

            Thanks for the info - even if it's a bit disappointing. We may just have to suck it up and head to NC after all. I'll call around though.