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Jun 15, 2008 11:21 AM

Great BYOB places?

Hi! I've been looking for a fun BYOB place to go with a group of 10-12 people. We're looking for a fun, relaxed place for a group of old friends to catch up. Much of what I've found seems to be tiny places that don't accept reservations-- anyone have suggestions for a group friendly place? Any cuisine suggestions welcomed, although I'd prefer to not do sushi unless it's a really good place (I already have lots of sushi favorites in the city, so I don't want to eat bad sushi just for BYOB!)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Do you mean you want to find a place that lets you bring your own wine but does not charge a corkage fee when you do? Because there are many restaurants that allow BYOB - but often you have to pay for the privilege.

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      Yes, no (or insignificant) corkage fee...I've been to a couple places that allow wine and/or beer to be brought for no charge, but like I said, they were really tiny and not good for a group.

    2. I don't know if they can accommodate a group of your size - they might in the back of the dining room, but Square Meal is one of my favorites these days - we just had dinner there on Friday night, and the Thai calamari salad is as good as ever and desserts are always amazing. They don't have a liquor license yet, so it's byob and no corkage. I've posted numerous times about this place - see the posts that come up when you click on the "place". It's 92nd between 5th and Madison.

      Square Meal
      30 E 92nd St, New York, NY 10128

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        I actually heard that they are not planning on getting a liquor license at all because of some oridinance about them being too close to a school. Have you heard otherwise? I'm looking forward to trying this place based largely on your reviews MMRuth.

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          They are right next to Nightingale Bamford, but I was told that they plan to get a liquor license, but would offer a limited selection, and still allow byob w/o a corkage charge. Doesn't strike me as the kind of place that underaged girls could get served, but I'll inquire further about their plans. I see the man who runs Yura next door when I walk the dog in the early a.m.

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            Oh - and the restaurant that used to be there had a liquor license.

      2. Good sushi options are Poke on UES or Cube 63 downtown

        Other good BYOs (with corkage)
        Sip Sak Turkish
        Vice Versa
        Peking Duck House (Midtown)
        Dinosaur BBQ

        1. Tartine (11th St just west of 7th Ave) is still BYOB. Serves relatively inexpensive French bistro food. No reservations, just wait in line for a table. Some outdoor seating.

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            I would almost predict that Tartine will be close to impossible for 10-12 people.

          2. I see large groups at La Sirene frequently. It's on OpenTable, recently got one-starred by the Times and is totally fun.

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              my fave byob by far, however-i think opentable only allows for 4 or 6 person tables, but if you call them they are usually able to accommodate bigger groups