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Jun 15, 2008 11:05 AM

Restaurant in Catonsville or near BWI?

We live in downtown Baltimore, but are holding our wedding in Catonsville and have out of town guests who will be staying in hotels near BWI. We don't know a lot of restaurants in that part of the county and are looking for a good, somewhat down to earth, reasonably priced restaurant for our rehearsal dinner. Any suggestions?

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  1. What about Cafe de Paris in Columbia? Really good, reasonably priced with a private room.

    1. In Catonsville, I would recommend Candlelight Inn or Dimitri's (both on Frederick Road--about 15 minutes from the BWI area). The Candlelight is romantic--very conducive to a wedding rehearsal dinner. In Ellicott City--a tiny bit farther out Frederick Road--is Tersiguel's. Congratulations and good luck! FoiGras

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        The only thing I really liked at Dmitri's were their french fries, which isn't really a rehearsal dinner. Nothing was bad, but nothing struck me as great.

        I haven't been back since the time I ordered a Tom Collins (after discovering that their beer selection consisted of domestic piss water) and it took forever. My date got her drink, but mine was MIA. According to the waitress, the bartender had no idea how to make one and had to look it up. When it finally came it was the worst Tom Collins evah. Just terrible.

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          Candlelight is where I had my wedding rehearsal dinner. They were affordable and very accommodating. Food is average but I'm a true foodie so sometimes I'm hard to impress. The rest of the guests seemed to really enjoy it.

        2. The Catonsville Gourmet, a new place on frederick rd., that you can read about on this page is quite nice and not stuffy, good local seafood mostly. I don't know what size party you are thinking but I was there when a book club was meeting and they had a whole section to themselves.

          Candle Light is a wedding, promnight, graduation institution/right of passage in Catonsville. The food is base level palette pleasing to most. (heavily sauced to cover up for the food being over cooked.) It has seen it's ups and down's as far as service and food over the years, most recent reports I've heard were surpisingly favorable. Big dinners is what they do so that might be what you are looking for, but it is far from stellar.

          Farther out Frederick in Ellicott City there are a few places that might work. Check teh boards for up to date reviews- these places all tend to waver in quality. Jordan's Steakhouse (very nice kinda $$) Terisguels (probably the best french in town but $$) Tiber Run Tavern (ups and downs in quality) Coco Lane (another all things big institition)

          If many of your guests are staying near BWI you may want to consider Elkridge Furnace Branch Inn, a beautiful historic place with great well considered food. They do big dinners and weddings that have always been lovely in my experince.

          What ever you do stay away form Michaels 1600- its just so bad.

          1. Thank you all for the suggestions. I will be checking out all these places!

            1. We had our rehearsal dinner at the Olive Grove in Linthicum. It was extremely reasonably price and the food was really good.