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Jun 15, 2008 09:44 AM

anywhere between Woonsocket and Millbury?

Maybe looking for something non existant - on Rt 146 between Millbury MA and Woosocket RI ...... any restaurant worth visiting?

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  1. I can recommend River Falls in Woonsocket for steaks. Great deal on Weds, 2 for $30.and I can recommend Calbria in Millbury for excellent red sauce Italian. Try the Braciola. Also Lil Texas on 146 A in Uxbridge for Q or Quaker Deli for sandwiches. All you'll get on 146 is pizza/subs and roadkill.

      1. Cock-N-Kettle on 122 in Uxbridge
        Alicante - on Rte. 16 in Mendon
        Scales in Millbury. (Scales is a seafood shack like you would see on the shore, except it's in Millbury, Ma).

        Cocke'n Kettle Restaurant
        240 S Main St, Uxbridge, MA

        Alicante Mediterranean Grille
        84 Uxbridge Rd, Mendon, MA 01756

        Scales Seafood & Ice Cream
        45 River St, Millbury, MA 01527