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Jun 15, 2008 09:43 AM

Review: Nava Thai (in Wheaton)

This place blew my mind. It's walkable from the Wheaton metro (about 10 minutes, maybe less). We ordered crispy pork with chinese broccoli, country-style curry, and green papaya salad. The salad was so much more flavorful and spicy(!) than any of the versions I've had in the last few years in DC. The pork was the best thing I've eaten in a long time. The pork was super crispy and absolutely addictive, and served atop a bed of chinese broccoli in soy sauce and black bean sauce. The curry was good as well, and included lots of interesting veggies. The servers were extremely polite and friendly, the place was clean and pleasant, and there is a cool market right next door. They also sell various gelatinous Thai desserts at the counter, as well as beef jerky.
If this place were closer, I would go all the time. It is definitely worth the trip out from DC to Wheaton. Next time we might try Ruan Thai, but this place would be hard to beat!

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  1. I second this recommendation. Four of us ate there last Thursday night. Also had the crispy pork with Chinese broccoli (outstandingly delicious!), and green papaya salad, plus thom ka gai, the crispy duck and chicken with sticky rice and Pad Thai. Also the curry puffs. Yea, it's too much food, but waddaya gonna do? Great little place, located at the end of an alley behind the Hung Fat grocery. Just about the most perfect ethnic Mom and Pop restaurant you can imagine. Now Ran Thai has some competition.