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Jun 15, 2008 09:38 AM

Gelato for the Lazy

After complaining about ice cream maker woes, a friend recently pointed me toward the Saveur gelato recipe:, which I haven't yet tried but looks promising. What I'm looking for input on whether anyone has had luck with this, and also, recipes for other, more inspired flavors with similar method; by that I mean no eggs, no heavy cream. This is partly for nutritional reasons and partly because I have made numerous recipes over the years and never found one to love; I've had much better luck with sorbets and fro yo. I am willing to cook the stuff, just want to try a different process from the middling results I've had before. Suggestions?

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  1. Lemon buttermilk sherbet is fantastic. I'm sure there is a recipe on epicurious. Buttermilk is 3.5% fat and you use fresh lemon zest and juice. Delicious.

    1. i'm working on mango gelato later on today. The recipe I'm going to "try" is one that is in a book that came with the cuisnart. So far all the recipes I've used have been very nice.This particular recipe has egg yolks (8) which doesn't thrill me. What is confusing to me is that I've made several of the ice cream recipes and there are no eggs in them. What is the difference between a gelato and ice cream? I keep hearing Giada say, its lighter than American ice cream, so I was thinking it was more between sorbet and ice cream. Calorie wise, they are running at about 200 per half cup serving. The strawberry ice cream (which is excellent) that I make has more cream and is about 275 per half cup... made without eggs.

      1. Here's a link to more cornstarch ice cream recipes & discussion.

        I haven't tried it myself yet, but I am also interested in recipes with no eggs... I want quick, easy and no-fail and the custard recipes and discussions there of sound fussy. Cream Cheese Ice Cream is quite good:

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          Reporting back on some experimenting this summer... The chocolate gelato was "pretty good". Intense chocolate, but unfortunately I only had Hershey's cocoa powder; I think a better quality powder would have yielded a more superb result.

          Have since made a lemon buttermilk shebert ala David Lebovitz (e.g., It was yummy, very light, a little icy, very nice tang.

          Have also started experimenting with the Bittman cornstarch method suggested above, which yielded a phenomenal chai ice cream and also a very good mint one, both with excellent texture using nothing but whole milk for the dairy.

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            I used the Bittman cornstarch recipe a bunch last summer, and then for some reason (I can't remember where in the world I got this idea, but from some recipe, I'm sure), I started using a can of sweetened condensed milk in place of the sugar, and it works great. I don't adjust any other measurements. I made a fabulous peanut butter fudge ice cream and an amazing coffee with this technique - somehow the condensed milk heightens the creaminess. Also, I made a great "caramel" ice cream by boiling the sweetened condensed milk (in the can, as the Brits do), then adding it to the cornstarch-milk mixture.

            1. re: bflocat

              Interesting idea. I have wondered about those options (e.g., esp for making a "Thai coffee" ice cream). What kind of dairy have you used?

              1. re: chilibaby

                I've used skim through whole milk, as well as buttermilk and yogurt (low fat), in various combos. Obviously whole milk is best (creamiest), and it gets more icy as you go to less fattening products. My husband dislikes anything made with skim milk, but I really don't mind it. I use buttermilk and yogurt to make lemon-ginger, key lime graham cracker, creamsicle, and various berry frozen "yogurts". They add a delicious tang, and they are still pretty creamy, while also being lighter than a typical ice cream - refreshing on a hot evening.

        2. Thanks for all the info on this post, I've been thinking about the same issue this summer.

          I've turned to Marcella Hazan (I'm at work, her books at home) and her great lemon, strawberry, and black grape gelatos that are based only on milk. My husband loved her cream ice cream on homemade choco chip ice cream sandwiches.

          Never tried cornstarch or condensed milk, but will do now.