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Jun 15, 2008 08:10 AM

Dominican Oatmeal (Avena Caliente)

I just had dominican oatmeal for the first time at a spanish restaurant in South Williamsburg. What a treat! Does anyone know anything about it? Can anyone tell me if this dish is common at other spanish places and I just haven't noticed it? Most importantly, where can I find the best avena caliente?

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  1. Please tell--what is different about Dominican oatmeal?

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      you should be able to find dominican oatmeal at any domincan restaurant, during the morning. dominican oatmeal is more liquid than puerto rican oatmeal, so the best avena caliente depends on how you like it. you can have a nice dominican oatmeal at el economico in the bronx (231& broadway). i lived in south williamsburg for a short period about 7 years ago but i don't remember eating avena there, it's a very common dish, just go from place to place along Broadway and try it.

    2. I used to work in a Dominican neighborhood and would get it sometimes. I think it's made with evaporated milk as it's richer but not fatty-rich. And there's cinnamon in it and is on the sweet side. Not in the Outer Boroughs, but there's a huge Dominican population in Washington Heights.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. I've tried the dominican places in my neighborhood (Boerum Hill) but none of them have it. I'll just keep trying. So yummy!

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          Try Corona Queens. All Dominican from 108 to Junction and back. Sure you will find it there along Roosevelt between those intersections.

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          Oh, I thoght you mean youre asking for places in brooklyn or the bronx, if you'd like to have it in manhattan, all the Malecon branches have avena, theirs is not my favorite but maybe you'll like it...also, any fonda in the heights (wash heigts) makes avena for breakfast... if you like avena you should try the dominican batido de avena.

        3. in the L.E.S. at Castillo de Jagua (they have two locations), any of the Caridad Restaurants (I know there are a few in Manhattan and in the Bronx), and any carribean/Latin restaurants that are dominican owned tend to have it, but you have to get it really early because it goes fast.

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            Amor Bakery on Aveue B carries avena in the morning and i just found out that they also carry quesitos (prican sweet cheese puff pastry). I have not had their quesitos yet (a good quesito can be Amazing and a bad quesito can be pretty mediocre) but they're hard to find in the city so its' worth trying.

          2. Dominican oatmeal is certainly delicious. I'd actually like to try making it at home. Does anyone have a recipe for it?

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              1. We never taste tested extensively, but used to get this often from El Presidente in Washington Heights (B'way at ~166th St.). They start serving it ~4 or 5 a.m. (great for those on overnight call at the area hospitals!); by ~9 it gets to be a thicker consistency and not as tasty.

              2. - We're actually just trying the recipe for the first time this morning! WIsh us luck...

            2. The South Side (or south Williamsburg as you've said) was Dominican. Unfortunately, more and more places have closed as the area has been gentrified.

              Avena caliente is usually made with both sugar and evaporated milk. The Dominican Cooking link from Kidney should help. There are lots of great Dominican dishes for breakfast - I wouldn't limit yourself to the oatmeal.

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                I'm Dominican and I have never had my oatmeal blended and strained of solids as that recipe states. Nor have I had it with evaporated milk unless there happened to be no fresh milk around.