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Jun 15, 2008 06:54 AM

Dog House or Haus

I was at Lupes yesterday (3rd & the 710 frwy) and as i went east to make my u-turn and come home I saw a new place in the old Between the Buns location. A new hot dog place, looked like it might be open for business but also looked like they are remodeling. Does anyone know anything, is it the same guy from Between the Buns or all new. I love a good hot dog!

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  1. Interestingly enough, my friend who works in Little Tokyo has been taking the bus to and from work for about a while mentioned this remodeling months ago. He clued me into Between the Bun, but the place closed about 4 months later. I went there a couple of times, but on the weekend it'd be closed even during it's supposed hours of operation. It was closed one mid-week evening I went during it's listed hours of operation. The BTB guy told my friend once he was planning on opening a location in Chino, but I don't know what ever happend to that owner. My friend assumes some new party must have decided to run a new dog place, but according to my friend this place seems to have been stuck in mid-remodel mode for nearly half a year. That's the little bit I am aware of.

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      The original BTB guy told me he was interested in franchise and going to Hawaii. BTB was good, small menu but the salsa dog was great, bacon, egg, cheddar and salsa.

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        the originnal guy, Sean, for Between the Bun said he was planning on opening up a joint in Chino in one of the megamalls there. He also mentioned making his own chili up from scratch as opposed to the stuff serrved up at Tommy's. He's also possibly an acolyte or did some time in the kitchen of the chef at Babita in San Gabriel.