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Jun 15, 2008 06:27 AM

Had To Share My Joy

It was such a wonderful dinner and it was largely locally grown or caught which inspired me to share my joy. The fish was Ono (wahoo in other climes). The entree was medallions of Ono rolled in tumeric and baked for 5 minutes at 450 and served on a bed of sauteed joi choi mixed with Japanse tunip greens with oyster sauce. The side was a melange of roasted Japanese turnips and Tahitian squash. The bread was a freshly baked boule. The wines was a 2003 Cab from Chateau Souvreign. Desert was a freshly baked choclate brownie topped with Roselani Haupia(coconut) ice cream with a freshly brewed cup of newly roasted Kona coffee. Ok, we didn't grow or catch the brownie or bottle the wine but it was wonerful. It makes me very happ to be growing "things". Mahalo nui for uderstanding my joy.

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  1. I saw this forlorn post moving down the charts, so I'm bringing it back up to the top. Thanks for sharing. I just ate at a horribly bad diner on a work trip - the brownie and the Kona sounds real good right about now.

    1. It sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing your joy.

      1. mmmm coconut ice cream and coffee mmmm

        I'm jealous of the ono, too!

        1. I love haupia! I've used it as a filling for coconut cake, but I really must try it as the base for an ice cream, like you did here.

          I believe it was the OP on a recent GIY (grow it yourself) post who described this sort of eating-growing as 'sweat equity'. If only all sweat resulted in something so tasty...