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Jun 15, 2008 06:25 AM

Indian Food- Takeout or Catering

I would like to serve Indian food to my book club since we are discussing a book by Thrity Umrigar. Does anyone have any suggestions for a great place for takeout Indian food- I've been to Devi and Amma and while they are excellent, they are not the kind of place I would buy Indian food for 15 people. I live downtown and welcome suggestions Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn.

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  1. my favorite place in the city is called indian curry mahal. it's on 2nd ave between 4th and 5th streets. their curries are very well done and also have great appetizers. my favorites are the chana poori appetizer and the chicken tikka mahkani curry. the curry has such a depth of flavor and creaminess that i've never tasted anywhere else. their naan is also very good and is not like the "pita" stuff other places serve in the area. i highly recommend this place and i'm sure they could handle delivering for a party of 15 people. hope this helps!

    1. Minar is a very dependable spot for catering Indian parties. Food is authentic and well-priced, which makes it a popular spot among younger Desis. Malai kofta and baigan bhartha are favorites for the vegetarians; I go for the chicken makhani, kheema and bhindi. I can't comment on the South Indian food, but the Northern cuisine is definitely a taste of home.

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        I was thinking someplace like Minar, too.

      2. We order from Bukhara Grill to feed our office of 80, and they always do a stellar job. The food is wonderful.