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Jun 15, 2008 05:58 AM

Best MD/VA roadside crab sellers & vs Maine Ave.

Anyone have locations the best roadside cooked or fresh crab sellers are at, times, days, prices, they compare to those at Maine Ave. market in DC?

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  1. Try the crab truck on Rt 40 in White Marsh MD in front of the Stonewall Cafe. It's a little north of Baltimore.

    1. Suffice it to say, only buy from a roadsider that seems to appear frequently in the same location!!!!!

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      1. re: Hue

        Is there any crab frequenting in this area or any other! it would be great if i also know the timings they may be there! thanks

      2. the best crabs on Rt 40 in that White Marsh, rt 40 area are from the crab truck located in Fullerton towing's's at the bottom of the hill if you're coming out of Baltimore....that's where I've always bought the best crabs in that area from...always heavy & sweet.

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        1. re: jwinter

          Does anyone know if their is still a crab truck on Rt 140 ( Reisterstown Rd) just north of the Full Moon Pub( the old Forest Inn) on the way to Finksburg/ Westminster. I've bought crabs there before but don't know if there is any kind of schedule

          1. re: MDicecreamguy

            He's not been there during the winter. Should be there later this spring/summer/fall.

            1. re: Chippewa29

              Mels Crabs in Southern MD

              FYI the crabs currently at the Maine St Market are not MD crabs due to season restrictions