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Jun 15, 2008 03:56 AM

Classic French in New York. Need Opinions.

Bouley, Jean-George, Daniel, Picholine, Adour......the list goes on and on and everyone has their favorite.

As part of my upcoming celebration trip to NYC, my sister and I have decided to do a day of "classic New York;" Breakfast at Norma's, visiting the Met, the older/classic hotels, grand central, etc. To top the day off we want to do French, ideally "best bang for the culinary buck" under $150pp (w/o alcohol, tax, tip)

Just wondering what everyone would recommend. Certainly don't mind the 'older' crowd, as it were, just looking for great food, a great bread basket, great desserts and the classy service that you don't find in small town Ohio.

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  1. are you wanting something bistro-esque(balthazar) or more fine dining like robuchon? or even maybe something like bar bouloud?

    1. For drinks, I'd definitely go to the Carlyle - Bemelman's Bar. For classic French, I'd go to La Grenouille - can't beat the beautiful room.

      1. In the title you say Classic French but then the words in your question say Classic New York. Also, from the few you listed at the top those are not all classic French.
        JG, the choice. The most consistently excellent of course it is not Classic French.
        At $150pp sans Alcohol, Tax, Tip, you can eat almost anywhere.

        1. Definitely second MMRuth's choices. You can't get more classic New York then Bemelman's or better classic French than La Grrenouille (the food has stayed wonderful and highly rated).

          1. The only two upscale French restaurants left in NYC serving "classic" haute cuisine are La Grenouille and Le Perigord. All the others are serving contemporary French, often with influences from other cuisines, such as Asian at Jean Georges.


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              Chanterelle is pretty fabulous too. Le Perigord is stuffy and so old French that their boat has sailed. If you are under 65 you will the youngest one there.

              1. re: meinNYC

                yeah i agree on le perigord, its sooooo old and stuffy and even too much for me...the food is good, but i dont think its anything to write home about

                1. re: meinNYC

                  But I think that's the point as it is so classic and it will be so sad when these places close - I'd go to Le Perigord! I eat in all sorts of places but really enjoy the old warhorses the best.