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Jamie Kennedy -- If he's got the best poutine, what's the dress code?


I'm still on a rampage for "half decent" poutine in our lovely city, and everyone is reccomending JK or Bier Market. I've never been to either.

I wear shorts, sandals, and a ball-cap. No, I don't make exceptions.

Am I getting into to either of these?

I want to stop by, sit at the bar, eat a delicious poutine, have 2 pints, and not worry about my clothes.

Let me know :)


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  1. Ha ha... "rampage". Although it can be a bit unpleasantly after-work-meat-market inside, I think you'd be ok on the patio at Bier Markt with that style.

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    1. re: Manybears

      Another option might be to stop in at Jamie K's Gilead Place for poutine then go have some pints elsewhere. Just a thought.

    2. Bier Market is definitely more relaxed than JK's Wine Bar, but I don't think either have a stated dress code.

      While Bier Market poutine is good, JK's rocks the world.

      1. I doubt they'd turn you away at the door, but you would definitely be a bit out of place in a ball cap etc. at JKWB. I haven't been to JK's Gilead cafe, but if the poutine's the same there, that's probably your better bet. You'd be fine on the Bier Markt patio in shorts and a ball cap.

        1. You might look like a bit of a doofus at JKWB in that uniform, but I can't imagine you'd get kicked out (and no offense to your stylist, just telling it like it is).

          The poutine is fab... I can't comment on their beer selections, but it's an interesting question. I'd say it's well worth the trip.

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            Haha, wasn't trying to look like a "doofus" just someone dressed to beat the hot weather :)

          2. This is a sign of just how out of control poutine is now. Having eaten my fair share of poutine and lapin burgers from roadside stands in small town Quebec, I would think duckdown's attire to be de rigueur. I'm incredulous at the notion that one must now stick a pinkie out to eat it.

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                No need to dress up for the blue truck outside City Hall...

                1. re: paper_bag_princess

                  Blue truck outside of city hall uses shredded cheese

                  1. re: duckdown

                    The poutine at JKWB does not ever use cheese curds, as far as I know. So if that is one of your criteria, then you may be disappointed. The poutine changes regularly -- different cheese, different "gravy" and different meat. It's not a traditional poutine at all, but it is delicious.

                    I'm pretty sure the poutine at Bier Markt also does not use curds.

                    1. re: duckdown

                      I was also going to cast a vote for "blue truck". Last time I was in town I combined the poutine with the hotdog special (which they permitted at the discounted combo rate), walked 100m to the shaded picnic benches in front of Osgoode Hall, and was in 7th heaven. The cheese was shredded, but I was told it was curd (?!). Whatever, the price was right.

                2. re: Googs

                  Wow . . . do say more please about the Lapin Burgers. . . are we talking bunny wabbit here? I've not had rabbit since I was a kid (in Quebec) it would take a bit of patience to grind enough to make burgers I think? I remember some fairly large jack rabbits in my past . . but. . .

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                    Yes bunny burger. No way, Alacrity, I'm not talking. The next thing you know they'll be topping them with foie gras and serving them at Bymark for 50 bucks!

                3. not sure if you want to target JKWB then. other than the Olive Garden and Harveys, most restaurants would probably prefer that their clients leave their ballcap at the ballpark.

                  i honestly don't think they would seat you if you wore a ball cap. and i think you'd be wasting your money if you just want poutine and some pints. the poutine serving there is really small and its $6? $7?

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                    With the way things are in toronto restaurants these days... I do not think that many if any would turn down a paying customer for wearing a ball cap.. as long as you bath they will server you :-)

                  2. JK have NEVER had a dress code.

                    Come in your undies if you wish.

                    1. Exactly!

                      Same way I feel about it and would approach the situation :)

                      Unfortunately you are right about the waterproof part.. Hopefully we get an improvement :)

                      1. Weighing in, I might roll my eyes a bit at such attire at JKWB (but not Bier Markt) but its just part of the fun of going out sometimes. I'm usually mroe interested in the people I'm with than to care much about whether another diner's attire is appropriate.

                        Further, IMHO, JKWB is on the border between ballcaps and not (Ok, maybe just across the border), and I'd be very surprised if they turned you away. On the other hand, not sure about the Beer Selection. It is afterall a wine bar, so the atmosphere overall may not be to YOUR liking (i.e. you can judge them as much as they might judge you!).

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                          Why not just go to JK's new Gilead Cafe and have poutine there — it's identical. No dress code and cheaper, too. And IIRC Bier Markt has a dress code and quite snooty about it, too.

                        2. Folks, if you have information to add on whether Bier Markt or JKWB would allow a patron dressed as duckdown has specified, or information on whether that person would feel comfortable there dressed like that, go ahead and post it. But if you just want to debate whether dress codes are or aren't appropriate, please start a new thread on the Not About Food board.