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Jun 14, 2008 11:36 PM

Jamie Kennedy -- If he's got the best poutine, what's the dress code?


I'm still on a rampage for "half decent" poutine in our lovely city, and everyone is reccomending JK or Bier Market. I've never been to either.

I wear shorts, sandals, and a ball-cap. No, I don't make exceptions.

Am I getting into to either of these?

I want to stop by, sit at the bar, eat a delicious poutine, have 2 pints, and not worry about my clothes.

Let me know :)


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  1. Ha ha... "rampage". Although it can be a bit unpleasantly after-work-meat-market inside, I think you'd be ok on the patio at Bier Markt with that style.

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    1. re: Manybears

      Another option might be to stop in at Jamie K's Gilead Place for poutine then go have some pints elsewhere. Just a thought.

    2. Bier Market is definitely more relaxed than JK's Wine Bar, but I don't think either have a stated dress code.

      While Bier Market poutine is good, JK's rocks the world.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I doubt they'd turn you away at the door, but you would definitely be a bit out of place in a ball cap etc. at JKWB. I haven't been to JK's Gilead cafe, but if the poutine's the same there, that's probably your better bet. You'd be fine on the Bier Markt patio in shorts and a ball cap.

          1. You might look like a bit of a doofus at JKWB in that uniform, but I can't imagine you'd get kicked out (and no offense to your stylist, just telling it like it is).

            The poutine is fab... I can't comment on their beer selections, but it's an interesting question. I'd say it's well worth the trip.

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            1. re: Rabbit

              Haha, wasn't trying to look like a "doofus" just someone dressed to beat the hot weather :)