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Jun 14, 2008 10:27 PM

Need suggestions for caterer

Hi! Any suggestions for a caterer for a wedding. We are looking for Mexican food for about 150 people. The reception will be at LA River Center & Gardens.

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  1. How about a Taco Truck, complete with all the fixins and homemade Horchata & Jamaica. Give them a call and see what they can do. Great people, family owned and operated, just used them for my 30 year high school reunion picnic.

    Las Costas de Guerrero
    "Ricas Taquizas"
    626-665-6009 or 626-665-6008
    Jose Valdez

    1. i would just ask the staff/owner of your favorite mexican food place(s). many cater but do not advertise it. while i am not that fond of the restaurant - i've had quite good experiences with the barragan's catering (which people like for work events and I don't have a choice). they are located downtown la but provide catering city-wide. i know don antonio's on the westside does not cater.

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        I just had catered mexican last night at a graduation party, one word, BORING! I think a Taco truck or a Taquerio would be awesome, it is good and fresh. The only thing that sort of holds up is enchiladas, rice and beans, with a taquerio or truck you get FRESH! IMHO

        1. re: Burger Boy

          Since it is a wedding, I don't think a taco truck is what I would want. I would like something more presentable, sinice my family would disapprove and not eat.

          1. re: meowth

            It would sure be better that mexican food from a chaffing dish, much more interesting and fun, but i sort of understand. Maybe try Guelagetza, a more interesting choice than regular mexican.

            1. re: Burger Boy

              Are they on Sepulveda? I have had them before, but it is Oaxacan food only.

              1. re: meowth

                I think they are on Sepulveda near Palms. I go to the one by me in Korea Town. Yes it is Oaxacan, but great chicken in Mole and they make a version of enchiladas, it is all very good.

                1. re: Burger Boy

                  Thanks! We have decided to go with Fernando's tacos. We were thrilled with the taste! Best tacos in the WORLD!! Check them out: El Taco Macho, 1135 N. Summit Ave., Pasadena, 91103. Call them at (626) 278-6327.