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Jun 14, 2008 08:42 PM

Brunch around Washington Heights?

Has anyone discovered anything really great for brunch up around 180th? Even a solid eggs, waffles, and bacon will impress. Thanks.

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  1. I live on 180th. It's not really a good neighborhood for brunch or breakfast. Your only real options are Jessie's Place and Coogan's. It looks like the Hilltop diner is going to be reopening soon, and I'm happy about that - I need my diner breakfasts!

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      I haven't been for brunch, and I imagine it would be considered rather pricey relative to the rest of the neighborhood, but there is always New Leaf Cafe in Fort Tryon Park near the Cloisters. Has anyone tried 107 West on 187th Street off of Fort Washington? I haven't been there either, but would imagine it would pass muster.

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        Lots of reviews and comments from some very good 'hounds on the New Leaf. My view is that the location is absolutely superb, the service very mixed, the food OK and the prices high. There is no air conditioning, so if you go on a humid, rainy day, it will be much less appealing than on a crisp day when you can sit outside. The brunches we have had there have been huge successes.

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          I concur completely with UWSer. You'll walk in and say "wow, I could get married here." But then the food is good, but by no means great.

          Our wait for brunch was about thirty minutes, which the hostess said was typical. She volunteered to call our cell phone number and call us during our stroll around the park. In poor weather, the bar is very pleasant for a drink while you wait.

    2. if you're just looking for a good omelet or burger, wimpy's is good, actually my favorite cheap spot in the neighborhood (taco stands aside!).

      1. Angela's Coffee Shop on 187th has very very decent diner breakfasts...I like to call for pick up (usually a Belgian waffle with sausage) when I start my Saturday morning walk, pick up my breakfast and take it to a bench in Fort Tryon. Hilltop Diner is not re-opening, it is under new ownership, thank goodness and will be an entirely new restaurant. Hilltop was vile, I remember one year it had the second most number of health code violations in the City, I think that was the year Shake Shack shocked everyone.

        107 West has perfectly OK food for brunches and casual lunches. It's not going to knock your socks off, but nothing is bad per se. Not a glowing report, but it's always a reliable spot for a good burger.

        The brunch at New Leaf Cafe is the only reason to ever go there, and it really is spectacular. I remember having the best omelet I've ever had ever there a few summers ago, it was with oven melted tomatoes and farmer's cheese, totally delicious. Avoid it like the plague for dinner, the service is terrible and the food is worse than mediocre and overpriced, but for brunch it's the perfect spot.

        In mid-July there's a cafe opening on 181st and Cabrini. The owner is the same guy who owns Zany's on 108th and Columbus. I'm really looking forward to the neighborhood addition.

        1. I'll recommend Plum Pomidor right across the street from the medical center on Brdwy between W168th and W169th. It's better than W107 (I agree with Ballulah's assessment of this place) and Coogan's, with Coogan's being the worst of the three.

          Here's the link for Plum Pomidor.

          Click on the menu on the left and then scroll down to see the brunch menu. Since I work at the med school, I've only done lunch and dinner there but I'm guessing brunch will be good. No, I wouldn't travel miles for it, and it can be unpredictable but I have to admit for food, outside of the fabulous Dominican food in the area, this is the best we got. Please let us know where you wind up.

          1. i heard la casa mofongo rocks!!