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Jun 14, 2008 07:51 PM

ChungDam Korean BBQ on Western - Good?

Today we walked into ChungDam Korean BBQ on Western in Koreatown. It is on the second floor of what appears to be a renovated mall; you can see their patio awning from the street. It was a late lunchtime, but the restaurant was pretty busy. It has been open for just a few months.
The space is very pretty, and the food looked and smelled good. Is it worth a visit...anyone?

ChungDam Korean BBQ
808 S. Western Avenue #207
LA #213.389-0808

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  1. this restaurant is brand new. i went a couple days ago and the food was awesome, much better than some of the other pretentious korean bbq places like chosun and ooraeok.....i discovered them through their city search posts....i heard the dishes/recipes were all imported from a reknowned chef in seoul....
    def give it a try.......they have mojitos too!

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      I am so happy to read your post, kidd719, as you have confirmed what my eyes and nose told me when we walked in for a peek! It looked really good, and I am so excited to have found it!
      Thanks for responding to my inquiry -- and with your enthusiasm in mind, we will try it in the next few weeks for dinner.
      Did you have dinner or lunch? What did you love?

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        What price range are we talking here?

        1. We had dinner at ChungDam Korean BBQ on Saturday night. We began about 6-ish, and only a couple tables were occupied. I think it was still early considering that it is summertime.

          Our waiter spoke very little English. The owner?-manager? stopped by our table and told us that one of the menu items was "cow," and the other was "pork." The menu is in Korean. We ordered the all-beef dinner.

          The side dishes (banchan) were all delicious and very different from one another; I think there were about 8 or 10 different plates (acorn jelly, radishes of all kinds, spicy crab, potato salad, kimchee several ways, spinach, garlic and jalapenos), plus several dipping sauces plus a very spicy cabbage salad which we loved. One of the dipping sauces was a sesame oil with crunchy sea salt and black sesame seeds; it was very tasty! The owner?-manager? came by and thought that this dip might be too Korean for our tastes, so she brought us yet another dipping sauce which was pleasant and rather mild. The desire to please was even more important than what they served; everyone watching us wanted us to enjoy our dinner and our waiter stayed nearby to meet our every request! Actually, we wanted for nothing and we were completely satisfied -- except a refill of our iced barley tea.

          The grill is all gas and very clean, but with the high quality of meat served we were able to achieve that BBQ carmelization that is desired! Even the onions were amazingly sweet as they crisped on the grill! They also served mushrooms which were delicious with the meat.

          Our dinner was terrific! We did not miss anything that Park's might serve; both are extremely good choices for Korean BBQ!

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            Not a AYCE,

            Chungdam represents the other end of Korean BBQ. Premium stuff.

            The "Diamond Meat" (prime rib eye) was the best quality beef I've seen in the Koreatown BBQ scene..period.

            I'm a die hard Park's supporter when it comes to some good Kbbqing, but I have to say Chungdamn has them in check when it comes down to the quality of the meat....Park's Kobe beef is some good stuff, but the marbling on the rib eye at Chungdam had me from the start...

            ALOT of KBBQs, specially the AYCE joints, serve salads as their choice vegetable spread, but fresh lettuce and sesame leaves is the way its done in Korea, Chungdam is one of the few place in LA that stay true to this.

            Of course they cant mess with the Park's banchan, but the quality beef and the wrap selection do more than to make up for it .

            Great patio seating, friendly service, premium quality meat...I dare give this place a 5 star and rank it one of the top KBBQ in Koreatown.

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              Wow, liu, such a great place!

              A Korean friend told me about this place and then I saw this old thread. So I got myself over to Chung Dam and was damn impressed!

              I believe Park's has some real competition in the high end, pristine quality Korean BBQ category. Amazing meat and the best seafood pancake. I really wanted to try more but only had one other mouth with me.


              Chung Dam Korean BBQ
              808 S Western Ave, #207, Los Angeles, CA 90005

              1. re: Ciao Bob

                Hello, Ciao Bob and CostcoWater!
                I am so glad to read your reports. It is two years since I originally posted, yet I continue to think about this very nice place. I read both of your raves with much interest...thanks for confirming what I really knew to be true at the time I first entered this wonderful Korean restaurant.