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Jun 14, 2008 07:15 PM

Alpha Donuts - Change in...something???

I've been a neighborhood resident for a dozen years, and frequented Alpha Donuts at least a couple times a month.

I've enjoyed their donuts thoroughly, and have long felt they were the best they ever tasted. I've had friends come into town, and i turned them on to the goodness that was Alpha, and every time they come back, they demand to go.

Alpha has been that damned good.

Earlier this week, a friend came into town, went to Alpha, and remarked that it wasn't as good as she'd remembered. i told her that it must have just been an off batch or something.

So tonight, we went back. And sadly, the same thing.

there is something VERY different about the donuts. the glazed tasted like they came from the grocery store. the coconut wasn't...cakey....things just seemed very wrong.

has anyone else had this experience recently?

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  1. There was a post about a month ago claiming that Alpha was purchasing there donuts from one of the local wholesalers in LIC. Probably mac.

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    1. re: ChrisZ

      yea, i had seen that. the post seemed to imply that Alpha was doing that all along, which isn't the case for those of us who have been eating there for years.

      it might certainly be something new, as there were different people behind the counter the last couple of times, but i'd love to find out more info.

      1. re: Treesham

        This could be the reason:

        "NEW YORK (AP) — Unhealthy trans fats in restaurant food? Not in New York City. Eateries must remove artificial trans fats from all menu items by July 1. When first implemented last year, the Health Department ban applied only to fry oils and spreads. It now will also include baked goods, frozen foods, cannoli and doughnuts."

        I better get over to Peter Pan in Greenpoint before July 1st...

    2. I went in as a newbie yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed my glazed yeast and toasted coconut glazed donuts. But can't compare to their quality in months prior.

      1. It's been confirmed by somebody who asked them, the guy who was making the donuts went back to greece, they now buy their donuts from a bakery.

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        1. re: Widmark

          the end of an era...


          so with this joint now at dunkin level, any really good western queens alternatives?

        2. How can this be? Why in the world wouldn't they have him train someone before he left? I am in serious doughnut mourning.