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Jun 14, 2008 05:04 PM

Best mind-blowing options within the ID district (SEA).

I am taking a friend through a weekday evening tour of Seattle’s ID district. I would particularly like to hit up a bit of local history.

Here is how I envision it;

Drinks first (any bar ideas?)… Joe’s Chili Pasta does not count!

Followed by appetizers. Alas, soup dumplings may not be an option ( ).

Next stop…the creepy Wah Mee visit.

Finally, dinner, with great food, at a place where English may be a second language. Granted,Tai Tung may be the oldest venue, but it does not nessesarrly impress me foodwise.

Looking forward to any input here.

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  1. Start with tea at the Panama Hotel Tea Room. Lots of history there. They used to give tours.
    Have drinks and a few Izakaya small plates at Maekawa. Be sure to get the Squid Legs with Kim Chee.
    Finish with Crab at Sea Garden or (even though its 2 blocks out of ID) 7 Peppers.

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    1. re: kirkj

      Yes! The Panama Hotel Tea Room... great choice (and cash only). Your other options seem spot on as well. Thanks for the input!

    2. Here's an itinerary I strongly suggest: 1. First stop, Made-In-Kitchen. Order appetizers including Crispy Imperial Rolls, Saigon Meatball Treasures and Shrimp spring rolls. 2. Then go to Seven Stars Szechuan and order the Szechuan Crab. 3.After that, proceed to Hing Loon and experience the shrimp won-ton soup and the salt and pepper pork ribs. 4. Finally, go to Fort St. George for drinks and whatever their weird menu appeals to you. You will have achieved true Seattle Chowhound status within about 4 city blocks.

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      1. re: Leper

        Wow! Too think that I have lived mere blocks from these selections for over a year now.

      2. Okay, a stretch for food, but peer in the windows of the newly opened Wing Luke Asian Museum on 8th and King Street. For a food tie, the eastern-most three storefronts were home to restaurants - the 2nd storefront was the King Cafe, long time dim sum house (where are you Millie?!)....But tons of history there, and beautifully done.

        I like Made In Kitchen also - the spicy seafood soup!

        1. lots of good suggestions here. for "drinks first", start with some (chilled) sake at Sake Nomi (Washington between 1st and Western), they offer a few free tastes, along with expert commentary, and usually also some premium daiginjo or (sometimes) hard to find namasake or shiboritate by the glass.

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          1. re: barleywino

            You guys are killing me! Nomi is the perfect place to kick off the adventure. So much history between P.Square and the ID. I have been wanting to check Nomi out.

            1. re: phinious

              if you want something to go with your sake at Nomi, stop at Fu Lin (a few doors east of the new Chinatown gate) first and pick up some salt-and-pepper fried chicken wings to go (call ahead as these take maybe 10-15 minutes to prepare) and bring them to Nomi. The manager/bartender at Nomi (Johnny) will i'm sure welcome a wing or two and maybe give you a pour of his secret stash of sake only available in Japan...