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Jun 14, 2008 04:54 PM

Places with private rooms for 10-15 people in LA?

I'm a San Franciscan planning a surprise party for friends in LA. I'm looking to find a restaurant in West LA or Valley (Encino, Studio City) that has a private rooms. Not too fancy, not too expensive, moderate priced, good food, not too much of scene. You know what I mean?

Any help you all can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. if Japanese is okay, Musha has a fun back room.

    Upstairs2 is nicer but reasonable because of small plates

    D'Cache in Toluca Lake has nice private rooms

    Don't know if Napa Valley Grille in Westwood is too expensive

    Il Forno in Santa Monica has a little room

    Il Moro is more expensive I'd say but has a private room too

    In the valley, Cafe Cordiale has that outdoor patio you could take over

    Cafe Bizou has a back room, but it holds way more than 10-15, so don't know if you can rent it out or if you want to pay that much.

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      I hosted a party in Il Moro's private room and it was amazing. Well worth the money. The food was great and the service was perfect.

    2. I just hosted a party for my son's high school gradatuation at a restaurant in Brentwood called Sor Tino (barrington just south of san vicente). While not a private room, they were incredible at helping make a special menu and gave us a private section with space to show a video. We felt like the plae was ours. The food (favoirtes were ravioli with saffron sauce, chix with artichokes, the pizza, caprese, fried calamari and artichokes...actually everything including the wines they chose for us) and service were awesome.
      Check them out..they were great!

      1. If you want Korean food (BBQ and/or general dishes), you can check out Kang Nam on Crenshaw/Olympic Blvd. They have actual private rooms and are moderately priced (especially since Korean food tends to be served "family style"). I have occasionally hosted some business meetings and small parties there. The only other places I can think of that have private rooms tend to be pricey (like Patina, etc). You may also want to call some of the major franchise restaurants, they may have rooms or banquet areas.

        1. We went to a birthday party at Il Tiramisu in Sherman Oaks and the party tookup a small room on the side. 10 people might be too few to get the whole room to yourselves but I would check with them.