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Jun 14, 2008 04:53 PM

postrio, enoteca san marco or canletto?

anyone have a preference?

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  1. I don't know anyone who have been to all three of these spots. I'm sure they're out there but they don't seem to be biting you hook.

    I love Enoteca! I actually prefer it to its more expensive big brother, B&B. The food is creative and well-presented. Great wine program as well. Also not outrageously spendy. It's usually the least expensive of our meals on our trips by a longshot. Give it a go.

    1. I agree with climberdoc I have had a number of good lunches and 1 dinner at Enoteca. I always get the caprese salad because they cheange it slightly everytime and its really good. I would also recomend the pizza or the veal meatballs. Postrio is ok, and I have not tried Canletto.

      1. I too have also only been to Enoteca (just last Thursday). It was wonderful!! We shared a cheese plate appetizer, which came with sides of truffle honey, stewed cherries & something else I can't remember (but enjoyed) to accompany the cheese--delicious! I had a pizza margherita, with a tasty fire-oven-baked crust. My dining companions had the braised pork and the veal meatballs, both of which I sampled. I would highly recommend.

        1. Just returned frotm Vegas and I would strongly agree with the others re: Enoteca. We had Veggie and Seafood Frito Misto and a salad of Fava, Asparagus, spring peas with Pecorino and Olive oil for apps that were outstanding. I had Spaghetti with pancetta and clams (a tad salty, but the sever mentioned that upfront) Wife had Cauliflower pasta wich was great. The wine list was outstanding and reasonable. I prefer inside seating as the outside has a little "foodcourt" feel to it.

          1. postrio is great for lunch. try the lobster club sandwich and let me know if you think its the best sandwich you've ever eaten. pizza and pasta are good too.

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              The lobster club sounds intriguing. I'll have to give it a try.

              Thus far my "best ever" sandwich was the turkey panini at Verrandah (Four Seasons). Perfectly cooked freshly sliced turkey, 3 cheeses, roasted onions and peppers, avocado; I can feel my cholesterol climbing just thinking about it.

              1. re: climberdoc

                climberdoc, its clear what you must do -- try both, and let me know which is better. i'll be in las vegas in august, and expect to go to verandah (having never been there before) for the huevos rancheros. if the turkey panini is better than the lobster club, i'll have turkey and huevos.

                1. re: raider

                  I'm up to the challenge.

                  What's funny about it is that I ordered the panini from the poolside food service at Four Seasons. Was not expecting much of anything since after all, it's "pool" food. What I learned is that in perfect 4S form, the poolside food is provided by Verrandah and is ultra high-quality. Went back to Verrandah twice that trip to get it. It's actually not on the Verrandah menu. If you ask them for the turkey panini from the poolside menu, they will gladly make it for you.