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Jun 14, 2008 04:04 PM

Organic Bistro gluten-free meals ... continued

OK, I really, really liked and was impressed by the Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Cakes with Ginger-Bean Medley and Confetti Pilaf

As much as I liked that, the second dinner was pretty bad and had this been my first OB dinner, I probably would have never bought another ... three more sit in my freezer.

Savory Turkey Breast in Rosemary Mushroom Sauce with Green Beans & Lentil-Quinoa Pilaf

The six slices of of shiitake mushroom were good. That was it. The beans had that frozen green bean taste. Looking at the box, I was surprised to see there was sauce because it tasted pretty much like plain white turkey meat that was frozen and reheated ... frozen poultry without any sort of apparant sauce is not a pleasant thing.

The lentil-quinoa pilaf was downright awful. It could have been the rosemary mushroom sauce that made it watery. And it was too, too black peppery.

So thumbs way up on the salmon cakes ... skip thie turkey.

I started a new topic because the first report got off on whether these dinner were REALLY healthy or not.

Sure, if you compare them to a home-cooked meal that is prepared with health in mind ... nope.

However, in the genre of frozen meals, they are one of the better options in terms of ingrediants, calories and sodium. They are on the high side fat-wise ... but we are talking organic olive oil for the most part... so there you go.

I don't care if they are gluten free or not ... I'm just putting it out there for those who might be interested.

My kitchen was over run with ants today and I can't cook without risking Raid contamination. . I don't have time to go out and eat. I don't want to take the calorie hit of delivered food.

Right now ... even though this wasn't as good as the salmon, it was a good fall back for me. I am interested to see what the other three dinners sitting in my freezer taste like.

Since these are pricy for frozen dinners ... about $6 ... I'll let you know how I like them and if IMO they are worth the expense.

The real plus for these are that they are filling. Unless I get one of those super-duper Hungry Man meals. frozen dinner don't fill me up unless I add a substantial salad. One of the Organic Bistro dinners are a filling meal. There's not too much or too littlle.

I know it is absurd ... since I'll drop $100 on a meal and not blink ... but I kept passing by these meals for quite a while when grocery shopping and wouldn't pony up the $6 until they went on sale one week. There wasn't much about them on the web ... so for anyone else interested ... I'll let you know how I like them.

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  1. Pescado Veracruz

    This wasn't bad for a frozen fish dinner. The best part was the thick tomato sauce topping the fish which helped brighten the flavors of everything. The black bean pilaf was smokey and the walnuts made it pleasantly crunchy. The wild-caught pollock wasn't offensive and just tasted like any frozen white fish. The spinach was minimal.

    Again, these dinners are filling and feel like a real meal unlike most frozen dinners. This was ok, but not as good as the first dinner of salmon croquettes. If this was my first dinner, I might have bought another eventually to try out but wouldn't have went back and bought one of each kind.

    A note is that the microwave instructions are wrong.Three - five minutes from freezer to microwave are not enough time.

    1. Ginger Chicken
      Chicken Breast with Green Tea Vegetables and Almond Pilaf

      If this had a little more ginger sauce on the chicken, it would have been very pleasant for a frozen dinner rather than close to pleasant. The chicken breast was on the dryish side, though not too and a little extra sauce would have helped.

      Nice crunchy almond pilaf. The snap peas and shredded carrots did have green tea flavor.

      I like this second best, but the salmon cakes were just miles better.

      Also, microwaving 7 minutes which is standard for my microwave and close to time for other frozen dinners did a lot for this. Again, 4-6 minutes (on the package) is too little time.

      Again it was filling and felt like a meal unlike most frozen dinners.

        Chicken Breast on Spinach with Herbed Quinoa and Sundried Tomato Edamame

        This ties at #2 with the ginger chicken. Same chicken.

        The lemon sauce was tangy and was nice with the edame with sundried tomatoes since the tomatoes had their own tang. Very pleasant, slightly peppery herbed quinoa with carrots mixed in. For some reason OB just gives you what seems like a heaping tablespoon of spinach.

        The only thing with the sauces is that you have to chase after them. They don't coat the chicken and sort of sink to the bottom of the tray.

        1. Final dinner of what is currently available

          WILD SALMON with Rosemary Orange Glaze, Cranberry Pilaf and Walnut Broccoli

          Not too bad, but if I'm going for salmon I'd go for the salmon croquettes which remains my favorite.

          The salmon was fine for a frozen fish. Like most of this line, the glazes are a little off. It was a fine orange glaze but if the timing isn't right for the microwave, the glaze is too thick or watery. Nice touch of rosemary.

          The brocolli is ... well, frozen brocolli. Like all the pilafs was good. ... in this case a mix of brown and Japoinica rice with dried cranberries

          However, I went back and re-tried the sockeye salmon cakes and this remains the star of the line. There is salmon in a good, nicely seasoned croquette so it doesn't suffer as most frozen fish. The pilaf with carrots, black beans and brown Basmati rice is tasty.

          Veggie-wise, the snap peas, edame and green beans are probably the most freezer-friendly greens and the touch of ginger is nice.

          I'd buy any of these again and come the next sale will throw a few in the freezer for emergency meals. They are filling, unlike most frozen meals, and are organic so there is not the list of junk that most meals have.