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Jun 14, 2008 03:31 PM

coming to chicago with girlfriends, where to dine before a show?


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  1. What show? What time is the show?

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    1. re: CorinneM1

      It would also be useful to know where the show is, what kind of food you like or don't like and some idea of your budget.

      1. re: CorinneM1

        Oops....typing with a 2 year old on my shoulder when I sent the original post.
        We are going to see WICKED Thursday night. We're doing Frontera on Friday night (really excited about that).
        Maybe some sort of tapas place? Or, a wine bar with good apps?
        We're a pretty flexible group.

        1. re: amck

          Just across the river on Dearborn is Bin 36 where downstairs you can get wine and cheese flights along with salads and apps at a reasonable cost. Next door, owned by Bin 36, is A Mano which offers good small-plate Italian. About 6 blocks south of the theater district is Mercat a la Planxa in the Blackstone Hotel, one of the better tapas places in town, altho not inexpensive. Search for comments on all of the above.

          1. re: jbw

            Great suggestions. Those are all the places that came to mind for me. The OP and her friends should have a great time.

          2. re: amck

            For a start try these two threads:
            Dinner before or after Wicked:
            Where to Eat Pre-Theatre which covers a range of theater locations: