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Jun 14, 2008 03:23 PM

Best Cappuccino in New Haven, Conn.?

I wonder if anyone has tips for finding high-quality cappuccino and other foamed-milk-coffee beverages in New Haven.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Germany. I love America, but the standards here for cappuccino here are way, way lower. I won't even mention places like Italy or Portugal with real coffee cultures.

I ordered a "small" cappuccino at the Publick Cup and got something in a bowl that would either hold a lunch of soup for two people, or possibly serve as a backup hot tub.

I know, thanks to Tim Harford, you can get a short cappuccino at Starbucks, but there must be something more.


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  1. There's a (relatively) new place on the corner of Chapel and Park that a few friends have mentioned/recommended, though i haven't been there myself yet (and can not for the life of me remember the name right now)....
    other than that, i think you're pretty much SOL for good coffee drinks of any sort - Koffee? and Koffee on Orange (formerly Moka) are MUCH better than the Publick Cup (bad name too...), formerly Koffee too....