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Jun 14, 2008 02:54 PM

Lobster Roll at Spikes - disappointing!

On my continuing hunt for a good lobster roll in Monmouth & Ocean County we found ourselves dining for lunch at Spikes in Point Pleasant Beach this afternoon. We have had numerous good meals there and have never been disappointed. I had a hankering for a lobster roll and thought that Spikes would hit the mark- Boy was I wrong! - The menu describes it as chunks of lobster with a touch of mayo served warm on a potato roll. I was a little confused by the "served warm" part but - chunks of lobster, little mayo, potato roll everything else seemed right on the money. What came out was more like a lobster saute (HOT!) on a potato roll served with a side of drawn butter. Drawn Butter???? I couldn't believe it! Not that it necessarily tasted bad but by NO MEANS would I ever consider this a "Lobster Roll" :( The hunt continues.....

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  1. Gross...that is NOT a lobster roll, you're right stack c!!

    Sorry to hear about this utter disappointment! I never found a place yet that I can call a great lobster roll, other than making it myself!

    Thanks for posting about it!

    1. I'm not surprised that these shore places cant get it right on the Lobster roll....but here's somthing that might interest you for a nice road trip to satisfy your LR craving!

      1. What you had was a Conn. style lobster roll, an aberation from the rest of New England; they seem to love 'em.

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          That's funny! I'm originally from CT and never had one like that...Clearly I like the Maine variety!

        2. Believe it or or not, my daughter tells me that at the Circus Drive In in Wall a really good lobster roll is served. Usually all I remember is a really greasy Bozo berger from that place.But.. give it a shot...

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            Don't get the lobster bisque at Spike's either, I always stop there for a quart of takeout clam chowder on the way home and it's wonderful but this time I ordered the Lobster bisque and it wasn't great. From what I saw, the food they were serving looked awesome, very large portions and the diners looked happy, but I didn't appreciate the waitress that yelled at me to "watch out" as she came up behind me - "excuse me" usually works just as well! What a crankpot. I was a waitress many summers myself and I would have been fired for yelling at customers! Also the prices were a little outrageous for picnic table dining and no view.