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Jun 14, 2008 02:45 PM

Inexpensive but good heirloom tomatoes on the westside or midcity?

Not Trader Joe's -what a joke, no flavor -just bitterness. And aside, don't bother with their "organic" apricots -no flavor and the consistency of paste although they're deceptively pretty to look at.

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  1. Go to your nearest farmer's market.

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    1. re: yogachik

      Right -but any thoughts on tomatoes available after 2:00pm or on days when I can't get to a farmer's market?

      1. re: Dyspepsia

        You should check out Marina Farms in Mar Vista.

        Marina Farms
        5454 S Centinela Ave
        Los Angeles, CA 90066
        (310) 827-3049

        1. re: Dyspepsia

          The Culver City farmers' market, Tuesdays from 2-7, is perfect for after work and currently has one stand with very respectable, not overpriced heirloom tomatoes (as well as divine beefsteak tomatoes and Persian cucumbers).

      2. I think heirloom tomatoes are one of those things that just aren't worth getting anywhere other than a farmer's market. I've had them from a few supermarkets and they might have been styrofoam.

        There still an afternoon farmer's market on Thursday afternoons in west la, right?

        1. Like the others say, go to your nearest farmers market. The summer heirlooms are just starting to trickle out now but by next month you should be wading in them. I don't know what inexpensive is to you, but I've noticed the prices have gone up like everything else. If I recall, I saw some nice tomatoes at the SM Saturday market on Arizona two weeks ago for $3-4/lb, and those were just "regular" tomatoes (don't recall the variety). Hopefully the prices will drop down as the season picks up...

          1. I got a box at Trader Joe's that were pretty damn good. So are their teardrop tomatoes

            On the other hand, I got a box of Heirloom mini/grape tomoatoes, they were horrible.

            As a side note, Costco has outstanding mini grape/teardrop tomatoes!

            1. i agree with the TJ's teardrop tomato suggestion - those are quite good.

              and while not inexpensive (i've never really seen an inexpensive tomato, much less an inexpensive heirloom tomato) -- i've had some good luck with whole foods. it's hit or miss but they often have a few more varieties than ralphs/vons/tjs.

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              1. re: dtud

                agree w/ whole foods, but they're certainly not cheap.

                that said, last summer i bought varieties of them from pavillion's/von's when they were on sale for like three months for 2.99/lb down from 5.99/lb normally.