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Jun 14, 2008 02:44 PM

Tamale recipe made without the Lard and fat PLEASE

Wnat variety, just don't want all thoses calories and I am sure you can make them tasty without all the fat, Thanks

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  1. Is the fat required for taste or texture?

    1. Get yourself a copy of ...

      Tamales 101: A Beginner's Guide to Making Traditional Tamales

      The author has a number of recipes that substitute other fats for lard ... the vegan tamales use olive oil.

      The fat-free ingrediants
      1 large potato (russet or sweet) or yam or 4 new red potatoes, quartered
      2 pounds uprepared fresh masa
      1 1/4 cups fat-free chicken or vegetable stock
      1 teaspoon salt

      The author writes that in her first verion of fat-free masa she used whipped egg whites. I'm guess that didn't work. She said the potato was softer and tastier.

      To restate the instructions ... but it would be good to get a copy of the book ...
      after boiling and draining the potato add 1 tablespoon of the potato water and whip until fluffy. Add masa and 1/2 cups stock. When combined add the rest of the stock.

      There's more detailed instructions in the book ... but that is the gist ... the masa at the end of all of this should be light and fluffy.

      She says before the Eurpeans arrived, tamales were prepared without fat ... however they were dry and dense.

      The fat from the cow (butter) and pig (lard) were origianlly used for flavor, but they made the tamale more refined in texture. Also those animals replaced the insects, worms and lizards as fillings.

      NOTE: I rarely cook. I am a lousy cook. I buy cookbooks just to learn more about what I'm eating. If you look at the original link I was really impressed by this cookbook because it had so much info about tamales in different countries. However, this woman, for the most part, has adapted tamal recipes ... though I did learn alot.

      It is unlikely that I would ever ACTUALLY make a tamal ... though I had some killer ... killer ... tamales last Christmas from the wife of my SO's friend ... so if I'm still in the area this coming year ... I just might ask if I can participate in the tomale making ... they were THAT good.

      1. This is a tamale recipe that was adapted from Veganomicon. It doesn't have lard, although, it does have a wee bit of olive oil...