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Jun 14, 2008 02:07 PM

Graduation Dinner on or near Robertson???

We are looking for a place for an "everyone in the family" dinner near Robertson and the 10. So, the place needs to be not too intimidating, but have food that is good enough for the foodies among us, and it needs to be moderately priced, serve dinner at 8:30 or 9:00 on a weeknight, and be big enough for a party of 12. Oh, and accommodate a celiac....not too much to ask, right? I am thinking Cafe Flore, Cafe Bella Roma or Beacon, although have been to none of these. Thoughts on these restaurants, alternative suggestions? All help will be appreciated!

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  1. Akasha is another thought.

    1. I like Cafe Bella Roma for this. Why not do a dry run for lunch to check it out and see if they can handle your party's needs.

      1. I like Cafe Flore a lot, but a party of twelve might be cramped in their close quarters, and there is no liquor license, not even wine or beer, so if some in your party want to celebrate along those lines you might want to go elsewhere, or BYOB. I've got to think there will be some good options in Culver City which is much closer to the 10/ Robertson interchange, and hopefully folks more familiar with that area will chime in.

        1. Near the 10 is Violet on Pico. Nook is farther away but good for that type of dinner too.

          Fraiche is another Culver City option, as are Wilson and Bistro L'Hermitage

          Toward the city near Robertson on 3rd is Cafe Angelino

          1. We ultimately went to Cafe Bella Roma and had a lovely and extremely moderately priced meal. Roberto served us soup, antipasto platters, risotto balls, pasta/risotto, a chicken entree with vegetables and potatoes, and dessert. The gluten intolerant were happy, the sophisticates were happy, the teenagers were happy, and the evening was a great success!