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Jun 14, 2008 01:51 PM

Sour grapes

I visited my local Jons at Hollywood and Vermont last night, and saw fruit I'd never seen before. They were listed as "Sour Grapes" at $1.29 per pound. They look like small champagne grapes, but are spaced further apart. They are green, and sour like a Willy Wonka candy. I ended up pairing them with some sweet fruit and a Gewertz.

Does anyone have more knowledge on these types of grapes? Their actual name? Origin? Are they just normal grapes that aren't ripe? Google searches for 'sour grapes' find information on the idiom, but not the fruit.


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  1. We use them in Persian cooking for stews and rice I cant tell you more about them because personally I cant stand them. Everyone else in my family loves them but for me they are a deal breaker.

    edit: I asked my wife she says they are unripe grapes.

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      Thanks for the clue! I googled "Persian sour grapes" and found this: