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Jun 14, 2008 12:21 PM

Nevada Mo

My family is traveling to Nevada Mo for a basesball tournament and am wondering if anyone can recommend the best places to eat there. Thanks.

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  1. Wowza! I was surprised to see this location pop up on Chowhound! I spent quite a few years there, but it was long ago. There's not a lot of choice in that little town!

    I did a little Googling and the Delway is still there. It's a burger stand. Get double meat (the pattys are thin) with grilled onions and a shake. Oh, and the fries! You have to have the fries!

    The White Gril has been there since the '30s... another dive, but worth a stop. They do breakfast, as well as burgers and such.

    There used to be a local pizza place we liked a lot, but I don't remember the name and I'm not seeing anything on Google that sparks a memory.

    We used to take visitors to a really good fried chicken place in a even smaller town, South of Nevada. I don't remember the name or know if it is still there... Ask around. Locals will know about it.

    Too bad it's summer... the tiny womens college there has the best food in town and they allow visitors to eat in the dining hall. But, they don't have a summer session. It's an interesting place and worth going for a tour, if you have some time to kill. Just go to Main Hall and ask for a tour guide to take you around.

    The water in Nevada is AWFUL, even with the "new" water system they put in 20 years ago. Drink bottled water/soda and buy ice in bags (it comes from elsewhere). Ice made with local water makes everything taste weird. When we lived there, my husband brought water home in big jerry cans from his work place in KS. We bought ice in bags and dumped it into the bin of the icemaker in our fridge. We went through two water heaters and two dishwashers in five years because the water just ate through them. It's better now, but still tastes terrible.

    I got hooked on the limeade from Sonic because it was the only "fountain drink" that tasted okay with ice in it!

    The food/drink won't be great, but the people are. You'll have a good time!

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      Cottey has/had good food? Do tell!

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        Well, I don't know about now... But, back in the 70's and 80s, when Leonard Delano ran the dining operations, the food was first rate. He was a wonderful man and VERY picky about what he fed the young ladies. (And he would NEVER allow anything but FRESH flowers in the dining hall!)

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        The fried-chicken place is probably either Chicken Mary's ( or Chicken Annie's (, both in southeast Kansas.

        The White Grill is indeed a diner, maybe too small to have tables. I don't remember.

        Yep, I'm surprised to see Nevada on here, too.

      3. I too, am suprised to have Nevada pop up. My uncle, Roy Pearse was a doctor there for years. I will contact my cousins as see if they can offer any advice. There was a drive inn there that my cousin claimed that your face would break out just by driving by!

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          So far, from cousin Ginny, The White Grill on the east side for burgers and Susie Q potatoes. More to come.