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Jun 14, 2008 12:14 PM


Has anyone tried Arabesque on Carrollton? I am curious, but have not had a chance to go.

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  1. yes, was just chatting about going back tonight. the sangria is great! nice wine list as well.

    last time, I think we had just about everything, and all was good. the best dishes were the pizza app (just trust me), the tagine and the fish dish. the desserts were superb.

    I'm knee deep in a baba ganoush right now, which is also good at Arabesque...GO!

    1. It is a great new restaurant. I went right after it opened and thought it was delicious. Even better though, is the wonderful article that Chris Rose wrote about it. There is a beautiful "pay-it-forward" story about how Arabesque opened after the hurricane.