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Jazzing up Peanut butter cookies???

Making peanut butter cookies, was going to add some honey roasted peanuts to the batter or chocolate chips, but have done this sooooo many times before. Any creative tasty ideas??

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  1. Never tried this, but how about some chopped candied ginger and/or a pinch of cayenne? Sounds good to me, but then I’ve never met a peanut butter cookie I didn’t like....

    Uncle Ira

    1. I couldn't get over that the winner of this recipe got $1 million for double delight peanut butter cookies but I thought it sounded interesting.


      I'd probably take it, add chipotle or espresso grounds and dip in chocolate after baking, sprinkle w/ sea salt. I think I hit all the trendy foods right there.

      1. Curry powder. I think it would be interesting.

        1. Peanut butter cookies make great ice cream sandwiches, with all kinds of ice cream flavors

          1. chocolate & chopped dried bananas
            chocolate & cinnamon [and if you like spice, i'm with uncle ira on the pinch of cayenne]
            white chocolate & chopped macadamias or cashews
            white chocolate & dried cranberries or cherries
            espresso powder & chocolate
            cinnamon & raisins
            chopped dried apricots [chocolate optional]

              1. Filled PB and J Cookies
                Roll out the dough and cut circles, or pinch off pieces and flatten to make circlish shapes. On half of the circles, put a dollop of your favorite jam in the middle, then cover with the other circles and seal all the edges so the jam doesn't escape during baking.

                Brown Sugar coated - roll dough balls in brown sugar and bake

                Instead of adding honey peanuts to the dough, take individual dough balls, dip on all sides in honey, then coat with chopped peanuts and bake

                1. Bacon. On her Top Chef blog Lee Anne mentioned that she has a recipe for peanut butter cookies with bacon in them that she loves. Sounds good to me.

                  1. I like to make my pb cookies in a mini muffin tray. Just before they are done, I push a small pb cup into the middle and cook for about one more minute.

                    they are also good rolled in sugar. put a hershey kiss in the middle just as they are finishing.

                    i've also had them where you roll the dough around a small candy...such as a caramel, or whatever you prefer.

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                      OHHHHHH....sounds heavenly!! Thanks!

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                        rizzo's PB cup suggestion made me think of the "PB surpise" muffins i make. i hide either a dollop of preserves or ganache in the center.

                    2. Hey sis-
                      Ive had these bookmarked on my computer and haven't tried them yet.. may be interesting?

                      Peanut Covered Peanut Butter Slab Cookies

                      1. sprinkle with coarse sea salt before baking.

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                          a little sea salt makes any cookie twice as good. have you had cook's illustrated's crispy oatmeal cookies with sea salt? they're fantastic.

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                            those are wonderful cookies. very addictive!

                        2. Thumbprint pb cookies with a 1/4 tsp of fluff-a-nutter or jam in the indentation
                          Drizzle baked pb cookies with caramel, apple butter or raspberry puree
                          Chocolate dip the edges or 1/2 a cookie
                          Add crushed coconut to the batter
                          Add diced granny smith apples to the batter

                          1. one of my favorite taste memories of childhood is the peanut butter cookies my best friend mom makes..
                            They were peanut butter cookies, with Reese peanut butter chips. (look for them in the bakery aisle). These are heaven!!!!!!!!!
                            I'm actually going to seek these out and make these today!

                            1. There was a peanut butter cookie contest not that long ago...


                              1. Nuts. Put some nuts, whole or crumbled, on any cookie, including already baked, boughten ones. Walnuts. pecans, hazel nuts, cashews or peanuts even (barring serving to persons with various nut and legume allaergies). Makes them tastier and better for you.

                                1. Cornflakes

                                  How 'bout some--

                                  Crunchy Chocolate Peanut Butter Stacks


                                  1. prosaic, but good: add a bunch of butterscotch chips. Once I also slightly crushed some dried banana chips--okay for flavor, but the texture was wonky.

                                    1. I make triple threat pb cookies with Reese's pieces and pb chips.

                                      My mom freezes snickers bars and chops them up before adding to the dough.

                                      1. Instead of some of the butter in the batter, put in a mashed banana. It will infuse a slight banana flavor without the texture issue of banana chips that pine time talked about. Or, dice up a fresh banana and fold it into the batter carefully.

                                        Substitute some of the flour with oats.

                                        Make a frosting (either for the top, or as a filling in a sandwich cookie) that contains some marshmallow fluff, maybe a little bit of peanut butter, and a bit of powdered sugar? I'm going off the cuff here, so I have no idea about measurements.

                                        Some sort of caramel something - either caramel chips, or a chopped caramel candy bar? Or maybe make a caramel glaze. The idea is sort of like a Pay Day candy bar, or a Snickers bar without the chocolate.

                                        Make a cookie version of GORP (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts) and fold raisins into the batter. But let the people know, because there is nothing more disappointing than expecting chocolate and getting raisin instead.