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Jun 14, 2008 10:50 AM

Jazzing up Peanut butter cookies???

Making peanut butter cookies, was going to add some honey roasted peanuts to the batter or chocolate chips, but have done this sooooo many times before. Any creative tasty ideas??

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  1. Never tried this, but how about some chopped candied ginger and/or a pinch of cayenne? Sounds good to me, but then I’ve never met a peanut butter cookie I didn’t like....

    Uncle Ira

    1. I couldn't get over that the winner of this recipe got $1 million for double delight peanut butter cookies but I thought it sounded interesting.

      I'd probably take it, add chipotle or espresso grounds and dip in chocolate after baking, sprinkle w/ sea salt. I think I hit all the trendy foods right there.

      1. Curry powder. I think it would be interesting.

        1. Peanut butter cookies make great ice cream sandwiches, with all kinds of ice cream flavors

          1. chocolate & chopped dried bananas
            chocolate & cinnamon [and if you like spice, i'm with uncle ira on the pinch of cayenne]
            white chocolate & chopped macadamias or cashews
            white chocolate & dried cranberries or cherries
            espresso powder & chocolate
            cinnamon & raisins
            chopped dried apricots [chocolate optional]