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Summer deals at many Las Vegas restaurants

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For those of you traveling to Las Vegas this summer, in addition to rock bottom room rates many restaurants have "summer specials" - I'm not up on the all of the them, but I've gotten e-mails about the ones at MGM (L'Atelier, Craftsteak, Seablue, Fiamma, a few more) - really good value, we especially like the Craftsteak one.

I also know that The Palm in Caesar's is again running their summer lobster special - a 4 lb. lobster split for two, 2 salads, and a side for $95. And if you like Morton's, they also have a summer steak special, you must print out the coupon from their website. Both the Palm and Morton's can be used at ANY of their locations nationwide. I'm sure there are many other deals out there, this is just a start.

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  1. Thanks for the info...hubby and I are headed to Vegas shortly and love to take advantage of the deals. Do you have to print out coupons from the emails sent by MGM? Or just ask about any specials while at the restaurant? Thanks!

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    1. re: glazebrookgirl

      I just went to the "dining" section of the MGM website, www.mgmgrand.com and you can download a brochure which lists the menus. It just says you have to mention the special when making the reservation.

      For the OP: do you have to join that club that the Palm has, or have any kind of coupon or anything?

      1. re: Debbie W

        No, the Palm is just order the summer special. We did it last year. You might run into the problem of them not having the lobsters (doubtful, but you never know with the airlines the way they are).

        And the way I read the MGM deal is that you don't have to mention the special when you make the reservation, just when you first sit down (I'll double check that, but that's what I thought).

        1. re: Eujeanie

          You're probably right, because most of these specials work that way. We'll probably be eating at the MGM without any reservations for one or two nights of our upcoming trip, since we're staying there, and I'd be surprised if the restaurants wouldn't let us have the special because we didn't reserve. We've never had any problems eating at the bars without reservations (Fiamma, SeaBlue, Craftsteak, Nobhill). Business must really be bad.

          1. re: Debbie W

            I was digging around a little more on the MGM restaurant website, and it IS a little confusing - one page says mention promo when you arrive at the restaurant, and another says mention promo when you MAKE the reservation - so now I'm really not sure.

            1. re: Eujeanie

              I ate at Craftsteak at the MGM last weekend. I just mentioned the summer special when the waiter took our order. You will not see it on the menu- and they will not mention it- so you have to know about it ahead of time. It was a great special.

              1. re: zinga34

                To zinga34 re: the Craftsteak special: it reads kind of confusingly. Do you get all three items for the first course? And same for the main course, all three? All three side dishes? And what was the dessert?

                1. re: Debbie W

                  Yes, it is rather confusing. I wasn't sure what to expect either. You do get all three apps, mains, and sides. They didn't have the corn it yet when we went- so they subbed asparagus. Our dessert was
                  ice cream and sorbet- several small scoops, monkey bread with caramel sauce, chocolate lava cake and fresh raspberries and blueberries. It was a lot of food!

                  1. re: zinga34

                    Wow, that sounds great (other than the roasted red peppers which I hate but my husband would eat). Did you do the wine pairing?

                    1. re: Debbie W

                      No, we didn't do the wine pairing. But for $30 seems to be a pretty good deal. We noticed one other couple ordering the summer menu- most just ordered off the regular. Am sure many more would order, if they knew about it. Nice to enjoy a good dinner once in a while without breaking the bank.