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Jun 14, 2008 10:27 AM

I-40 ABQ to OK City

It's time for the long drive home. What are good places to try during the long drive from Albuquerque to Memphis this coming week? We are most interested in good regional or local cuisine, not too pricey...BBQ, Tex-Mex, Mexican, N. Mexican, etc., etc.


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  1. Steak and eggs for breakfast at Big Texan in Amarillo. Same steak as served at dinner for a fraction of the price.

    1. There are some Laotian restaurants along that route in Amarillo that you might want to consider. Check out Steve's reviews at

      1. There are two Cherokee Trading Posts on I-40 in Oklahoma, one near Clinton and the other near Hinton. You can get buffalo steaks and burgers as well as Tex-Mex, and other diner type food. In El Reno Oklahoma you can get a fried onion burger at Robert's Grill, Johnie's Grill, and Sid's Diner. El Charro has decent Tex-Mex in Hinton and El Reno. Yukon, Oklahoma has Sid's Diner for onion burgers, coneys, and breakfast food. It is run by an Elvis impersonator. Poquito de Mexico is kind of a dump but has decent cheap mexican dinners. Eating there is kind of an experience in itself. Las Fajitas is a little more upscale with good Tex-Mex.

        Bigray in Ok

        1. Make sure to hit up Blake's Lotaburger before leaving NM, either in Albuquerque or Tucumcari, for a Lotaburger with green chiles before you leave. I also enjoyed the Braum's burgers and ice cream in TX and OK. Most of these places are close to I-40 or worth a short drive for a quick lunch.