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Jun 14, 2008 09:23 AM

Suggestions for 21 yr olds first cocktail?

Tonight is my youngest sister's birthday. She is turning 21 and has been looking forward to having a "Jackie O" at the bar Upstairs on the Square to celebrate. Just learned that they are closed this evening for a private event. Any other suggestions for someplace similar to celebrate?

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  1. A fun place in Cambridge is Cuchi-Cuchi.

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    1. re: EllenMM

      I have never been to Cuchi-Cuchi but I have heard great things about it. I hear that their cocktails are really cool like strawberry basil martini. I heard this from a hip young hairdresser.

      1. re: macadamianut

        I agree with the Cuchi Cuchi suggestion--fun atmosphere and loads of drinks for your sis to choose from...since it probably isn't her first actual drink, maybe it can at least be her first creative, well made drink!

    2. Yes! Go to the bar in the lobby at the new hotel the Liberty next to Mass. General. It is such an awesome wide-open area with couches, comfy chairs, nice lighting. Plus, there is the bar downstairs the Alibi which young people seems to enjoy. Have fun.
      (P.S. Do you think this is her FIRST drink!!!)

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        Okay so probably not her first drink ever but I did think that it was kind of cute that she wanted a Jackie O. Thanks for your suggestions!

        1. re: sailorblue

          Moving right up from a Shirley Temple! What is in a Jackie O, out of curiosity?

          1. re: chowfamily

            I see two different recipes: pineapple juice, vodka and apricot brandy in one, and white rum, Rose's lime, and orange bitters in the other. Both sound good, but the second sounds better. In fact, hmm, I have all three of those things on hand and cocktail hour approaches...

      2. Oh, head to Green Street. Dylan and Misty and the other folks will totally treat her right and make her *excellent* drinks (not over-sweet junk). Another idea: Eastern Standard -- they too are masterful bartenders. In both cases, sit at the bar and have a conversation with the staff. They're terrific.

        1. I had a yummy pomegranate martini at Alibi at the Liberty Hotel. Its a pretty cool bar in the old Charles St. prison, hence the name.