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Jun 14, 2008 09:15 AM

Can visiting 11-yr-old girl & 9-yr-old boy love NY food?

Does anyone have ideas for me? My wonderful niece and nephew are coming with my sister for a short visit this week from North Carolina, and I'd love to help them fall in love with New York, and its food. The kids are both pretty difficult eaters, and will not be terribly patient for a lot of lines, waiting, and discomfort in restaurants. They're kids - and not the most mellow and patient of kids.

My nephew loves heavy metal and skateboarding, while my niece is pretty mellow. Not easy to find experiences that work well for both of them.

Something tells me that this challenge has been dealt with by other people. All ideas and comments will be greatly appreciated!

As a kid, I had wonderful food experiences that were majorly influential in my development. I don't want to miss the chance to help provide some to these kids!

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  1. my kids are tough too but they surprised me. I always carried a snack in case people couldn't walk anymore due to hunger. Also let them bring their nintendo ds's etc if that keeps anyo0ne happy. We have gone to places we've wanted to go and always find SOMETHING for picky kids. I wouldn't worry too much.

    In china town we went to Joe's Shanghai and they enjoyed soup dumplings and pan fried noodles (I have to request chicken w/NO vegetables). Chinatown restaurants are very child tolerant.

    If you go Italian they can eat pasta/pizza
    If you go french - steak frites or roast chicken
    Indian - tandoori chicken isn't TOO far from BBQ'd and the nan is something they'll eat
    Bagels & Flavored Cream cheese
    Japanese-Yakatori,Tonkatsu or tempura are kid faves

    Since they are 9 & 11 I think they'll be able to deal just fine.
    Have fun

    1. Take them to Norma's for breakfast. What kid doesn't love having dessert first thing in the morning!

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        Yes, to dessert for breakfast, no to Norma's which is OK but way overpriced, imo. If you're going to be in the Parker Meridien, go to Burger Joint instead.

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          The kids will love Norma's for breakfast. Then go back to the burger joint for lunch or dinner.

      2. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge for lunch at Grimaldi's, get ice cream at Brooklyn ice cream factory or an ice cream sandwich at Jacques Torres, and take the water taxi back to Manhattan. Works like a charm for children and grownups alike. If they don't enjoy it, simply toss them overboard on the way home.

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        1. 11 and nine is pretty old. i wouldn't dumb things down for them. dress them up and take them to a new york icon. sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. your call.

          1. As part of a unit on Japan, I fed my third graders in Bed-Stuy sushi, and it was a new experience for most or all of them. I kept everything basic--cooked and in rolls. The class was basically split into thirds: loved it, liked it OK, and didn't like it. One boy spit his out, and one girl said she had a new favorite food. A couple didn't try it and I didn't force feed them. My point is, and yes I do have one, is to try East on 3rd Ave and 26th Street. The sushi comes around on a conveyor belt so even the pickiest eaters can select something safe. Plus, the plates are small and cost as little as $1, so you can afford to try a few things. And of course, if the kids give up, there's always a menu with enough "regular" stuff to appeal to the non-adventurous eater.