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Jun 14, 2008 08:54 AM

Dried Beans-what to do?

I have large quantities of dried cranberry beans, dark red kidney beans, white runner beans and scarlet runner beans. I need ideas or recipes for anyone one or all of these. I am drowning in beans..please help me out!!!

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  1. soup, on top of salads.

    1. Here are about 50 dried bean recipes at

      1. I just cooked up a big batch of borlotti beans (a version of cranberry beans). I made some bean and cheese burritos for a light dinner and tomorrow I plan to use the rest for some bbq baked beans for our Father's Day BBQ. I would just cook up a batch of the beans at a time and try different things. Soups, salads, etc. You can do so much. The great thing about dried beans is they have a long shelf life so take your time and experiment.

        Check out this website for some ideas:

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          Even in summer, I make Borlotti bean and farro soup (also from ranchogordo). You can freeze the beans after they are cooked and cooled to just pull out when you want.