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Jun 14, 2008 07:54 AM

Nasi Goren in E'ton

Had prettty good nasi goren for lunch yesterday at L'Asia yesterday. It made me realize that it had been a long time since I had had really good nasi goren. Any one have any recommendations?

Also does anyone remember having NG or the raison table at the restaurant/pool hall that used to be on the corner of Whyte and Gateway blvd., at least 10 years ago? I remember being dragged in there one rainy Saturday and being amazed at the quality of the food being served in a pool hall.

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  1. We're hunting for authentic Southeast Asian fare in edmonton too. I once tried the Nasi Lemak in a little place called Brunei Village - fantastic! But they closed down. Where is this L'Asia? do you mean Little Asia in Millbourne mall?

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      I meant L'Azia besides the Bay in Edmonton Centre South.

    2. Don't have any first hand recommendations for nasi goreng, but for the benefit of all thread readers, some SE Asian restaurants in the city that probably have it are: Tropika (Calgary Trail & 50-something, W side) and Matahari (124th St. just north of Jasper).

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        I can't think of any other place that would have it either.

        If all else fails, there are some great Malaysian recipe sites on the internet nowadays.

      2. That place on that corner was there between the times when it was Tracy Starr's Burlesque Palace and Courtney Blake's Pub - they did a rijstaffel thing too, and sadly it was before I was more aware of cuisines of the world. That would have been about 20 years ago.
        I used to actually like the Earl's version of NG when they still had it on the menu, and I more or less emulate it when I make it at home. That's what wifey and I were forced to do when we still lived in the Big Onion and wanted nasi.

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          Yes they did. The owner was Dutch and our soccer team regularly drank there...back there as you describe about 20 years ago when I could actually move to play the game....

        2. You can get nasi goreng at Tropika. There is one in the South and one in the West End. As someone born in Penang, I don't find Tropika that authentic, but it is more the heat than anything else. Otherwise the flavour profile is pretty on if more salty than back home, but that is probably for Western tastes.

          1. Two bits of information prompted me to remember this post: first, it appears that L'Azia is now closed. It's boarded up and lots of construction going on. Perhaps it's just a reno, but I don't know.
            Second, the Manor Cafe on 125th Street has Nasi Goren on the menu - perhaps it's worth a try. I've had some nice meals there.

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              Tried to respond but my initial effort has disappeared into the proverbial ether....yes L'Azia downtown is currently closed and is undergoing extensive renovations since, going my memory which is often suspect, they are closed to some date in September.

              Their 137th Ave location I believe remains open

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                I concur on nice meals at Manor. Unfortunately, the Nasi Goreng at Manor Cafe is not very good.