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Jun 14, 2008 07:46 AM

Northeast Philly Breakfast

Alright, I'm up from DC and in the Northeast for the weekend with the folks. Where can we go to breakfast? I don't like the diners, there must be some cute place for breakfast in the whole Northeast, right? We love West Avenue Grill in Jenkintown and Cafette in Chestnut Hill, but sometimes those are too far to drive to. Maybe a little spot we've never heard of? Or a cute bakery that serves eggs and pastries in the morning?

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  1. Country Club Diner, Cottman and Summerdale. Nuff said.

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      1. re: IamStarving

        Yeah, haha, I went to Northeast High, I know the country club. I guess there just aren't any nice breakfast places.

      2. I have had great "Jewish Deli" type breakfasts at Steve Stein's Famous Deli in Krewstown Shopping center in Krewstown Rd. near Grant Ave. I have eaten the smoked whitefish salad and bagel platter and found it to be great.

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        1. re: crispycar

          My sister worked there for a couple years, my mom really liked it until three times in a row she found plastic wrapping in her food. But, its definitely not the atmosphere I'm looking for anyhow.

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            Two other jewish deli places are Casino Deli on Welsh Road and jacks Deli on Bustleton ave. GreyLodge Pub has a nice brunch on Sundays.