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Jun 14, 2008 07:39 AM

Recs for Bday dinner in Glascow

A dear friend will be passing through Glascow on his 50th birthday. I would like to treat him and his spouse to a great lunch or dinner. Any recommendations? It would be helpful if I could buy a gift certificate in advance.

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  1. Hello. Without being crass and talking about money I suppose it depends on how much you want to spend. The two best places to eat, with the service and environment for a special occasion to match, are Hotel Du Vin at One Devonshire and Abode. Hotel Du Vin is in the West end and has that gentlemans club feel with very good food and service that seems to be aiming for a Michelin star. Abode in the city centre is also very good with a more modern environment, attentive service and good food too. Other than that I am a bit stumped. Compared to Edinburgh I don't think Glasgow has that many special places. There are other places that are a bit more low key but maybe not what you are looking for. If you have specifications re cuisine and price get back to me and I will see what I can think of..

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      Rekha - is the "Ubiquitous Chip" still going? I remember it was a great restaurant, with local produce. However, that was 15 or so years ago. is it still good?

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        Hello, the Chip is still going. I haven't been in years, finding it to be a bit expensive for what it was, a friend of mine likes it, but I find the menu a bit boring, a tern which isn't helpful I know. If you are looking for somewhere that uses Scottish produce with an imaginative flair, I think Stravaigin on Gibson St is hard to beat. I was there on Friday and had a beautiful Galloway beef carpaccio with smoked peaches and rocket, then a stuffed shoulder of Smitton's lamb with olive tapenade, which in addition to being locally sourced was pretty tasty. The environment always has a convivial buzz whilst being laid-back all the same. It is the sort of place that if you like to know the name of the animal you are eating, is the place for you. They also do a mean 'fish and chips' and a 'haggis with neeps and tatties' if trad Scottish fare is what you are after.